Sunshine Moments | How is your mental health doing?

How is your mental health doing? Did you know that THE battlefield is the one of the mind. Everything we do and say is rooted in our thoughts. And our thoughts are a vulnerable place. The things it daily needs to go through. From the first thoughts when you struggle to get out of bed to the restless thoughts when you try to fall asleep. And in your dreams your mind might keep spinning around and around, resting in a very vivid way. Let’s do a little check up on how our mind is doing, shall we?

Heart, how are you doing?
All the feels feels feels. Feelings are an indication of what is going on in your thoughts, in the atmosphere around you and even how your gut health is doing. So when your feels are off, ask your heart how it is doing? Why are you feeling the way you do? Ask the Holy Spirit for a little help on this one, to get things a little more clear. Take time throughout the day to catch up with yourself. When you feel feels arising but you are not in a place in that moment to dive deeper into them, let your heart know that you two will get back to this later on in the day. And do that, you will make matters worse when you don’t get back to your own heart.

What am I feeling?
We tend to get familiar to our feels, but same will happen when you check in regulary with them, you will get familiar with noticing where they are coming from. In some cases, you need to figure things out, that are very important but are very easy to just walk straight passed. And if you don’t figure those things out they might turn out as a roadblock later on the road. In some cases, your feels might come from things that were a tat overwhelming, give them time and grace to get a place and process them. In some cases, your feels come from lies that somehow planted itself in your thoughts and you need to tell them truth. Ask Holy Spirit (God’s Presence) to show you where the feels are coming from, what lies arose and soak in Him telling you the real truth.

Do I need a good cry?
Cry your heart out from time to time. Crying is very healing to your body and your soul. Those feelings built tension up inside your body and they need to get out. If we keep pushing them away, the bomb will burst one day and your body might get sick as well. Built up feels are draining, stressing, attacking your immune system, they even can cause skin problems like eczema. Crying isn’t for babies. Crying is for strong people, unafraid to face their feels.

Do I need to talk about something?
Same is with stacking your problems and secrets up in one place. We are made to be together and not do everything on our own. We need to speak up about things that don’t often get spoken about. We need freedom. And not being held by the things that pile up upon us. Talk. Talk with a friend. Strangers on the internet. About the real things.

How can I search what is going on in my heart?
Find a way to search your heart. Playing piano and making up songs is the perfect way for me to search what is going on in my heart. A hot bath does wonders to my rambling mind as well to make sense of them. For you that might be working out and going over your thoughts. Or journaling your way through. Did you know that our brain has these three sections, a working brain, an archiving brain and a reflex brain? Our thinking brain which I love to call our working brain is the one rambling of all your thoughts. It can only focus on one thing, and is tired out pretty fast. Which is why it is sooo important to take our rest. To sleep enough, so our archiving brain can give those thoughts (and attached emotions) a place. In our rest, and places we are not actively thinking when our thoughts just flow, we are forming patterns and new ideas get birthed. Take time for these places to stop burning yourself out. Those formed patterns again will store itself into our habits in our life in which our reflex mind is working from. Healthy habits and formed patterns become second nature to us and are so important cause we don’t have to keep fighting all our thoughts anymore to bring them into action. Which gives us space to do more amazing things and live life.

What is going on around me?
We can also get real deal influenced by our surrounding. The atmospheres of places we visit. The auras of people we meet. They all might feel so you. But they aren’t you, they are just affecting how you feel in that moment. Start to become aware of those. So anxiety won’t hit you in a moment you are in a public place. Be sensitive to atmospheres and people. Clean every place you enter in Jesus name, and speak life over the place and people you meet in His name. Your adventures and meeting new gorgeous beings will become so much more vibrant. And ask God what do you want to do in this place? Why am I feeling this currently? And life will happen.

Am I speaking life?
Death and life is in the tongue. Are we cursing people and places? Or are we blessing people and places? Our words can hurt people so so deep. It has the power to rob people of their futures cause they lose faith. We as people can burn people so so down. Let’s stop gossiping (anything negative we say about someone) and pulling people down and start pulling the gold out of people. I know that sometimes might feel like out of your comfort zone and people absolutely don’t want to hear this from me, they might think I want something from them crap. Every single soul loves compliments, positive words and life spoken over them. Leave a nice note on the Instagram accounts you stalk, smile at strangers and tell your friends the nicest obvious things about them cause they need the reminders. We need to hear the truth over and over to battle the lies and doubts that constantly keep arising in our minds.

Do I have a spiritual tribe?
Fill your mind with truth. Get you some good spiritual tribe. Some gorgeous people that speak truth and life over your life and remind you who you truly are. I feel ya those people might not be close to you demographically but hello technology. Send each other voice notes lifting each other days up. Start badass WhatsApp or facebook groups with some firey people speaking truth over each other, and prophecying into each other lives regulary. (If you want us to set up spiritual groups in any way let us know, and we’ll figure something out)

Am I numbing myself?
It is all between death and life in our days. In the negative and the positive. In the tearing down, and the rising up. In the pressure of creating, and the overcoming of heartbreak. It takes courage to stand in our big highs. And it takes that same courage to stand in our lows. Don’t settle for not feeling a thing, numbing yourself. I have been there and it made me fueled up with so much anger and frustration and the feels of completely missing out on life. Till I learned to have a real deal relationship with God. You can speak everything through with Him, and He actually answers, say what!? He is so so good. And I told God, I want to feel it all, it all. Every high and every low. And dang that is a challenge we all are faced with every single day. To feel it all. The rollercoaster of life. But we are all in this together, even when we might feel pretty alone in our struggles. And God is always for us, even when we are in a season of rest instead of His fire. And with daring to feel, I felt more alive than ever.

In what season am I currently?
Learn to know in what season you are. Ask God what is the season I am currently in. So you can understand the feels a tat better and in what direction your days are flowing, and how you can spread life into your days. Don’t fight your seasons, be in touch with God. And munch on His word and spend time in His presence. They wire your mind into the most gorgeous patterns setting you up for success.

Check in with yourself regularly and talk talk talk with people. We all need mentors in our lives that speak life over our lives. Be that a counseler, a psychologist, a good book, your best friend, connect. Don’t try to do life on your own. We are made to be together. And endlessly tap into God. You don’t have to do it on your own.

Lots of love,


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