Hey lovely one,

There’s some stories in life that just need sharing! So just as best friends share clothes or skincare tips, we are going to share some everyday Stories Of The Spirit from people all around the world.

You may be thinking what on earth is Rebels For Jesus, surely Jesus and the word ‘rebel’ don’t go together, but they really do and for all the right reasons! From Jesus calling out hypocritical religious leaders, to caring for those outcast by society and reconnecting our authentic spiritual sides. Whether you like the idea of Jesus or not (that’s ok), we invite any curious soul to listen in with some tea and pj’s. If you’re intrigued by the spiritual side of us, so are we and all it’s adventures.

So, what are we talking about? Well we will tell you! We are excited to introduce a new series on our instagram called ‘Rebels For Jesus’ hosted by Saoirse & Rae. ✨

We will be interviewing incredible people from all over the world exploring their spiritual encounters on a zoom call! And then following we will have time to ask questions or pray if people want it (hopefully with a cuppa tea!) with your hosts and the guest speaker.

Are all Spiritual Encounters the same? Let’s talk about it! We will be covering topics of Heavenly Stories, Living Naturally Supernatural Lives, Healing Miracles, Spiritual Gifting, Wild Encounters, Friendship w/ God, and Living For Jesus in Culture.

Where: Wild Hearts Instagram (

How & When: Zoom meeting (keep an eye on instagram posts for announcements & dates)

See you there!


Graphic by @saoirsecreative_

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