How I turn the pressures of life into magic | Victorious Pressure

Pressure is a good thing. Even though it most often doesn’t feel like that at all. I mean without pressure in our bodies, our bodies would fall apart. But there is a big difference in pressure that releases stress and the pressure that is fuel for the making of magic, releasing life and fulfilling dreams. Personally, pressure is something I intentionally need to take care off or it will burn and wipe me out. 

Instead of the pressures wiping me out here are seven different pressures and how I try to turn them into magic. 

1. The pressure of dreams

Dreams are heavy to carry. But remember your being is always bigger than your doing. Yes, your dream might feel way bigger than you, cause there is no way you can do this one on your own. If you never felt the pressure of your dreams, I dare you to dream bigger. You don’t have to fulfil your dreams in one day. You just have to embrace your season, have tons of grace on yourself and check in with God on your dreams regularly, cause He perfectly sets your dreams up in a way you would have never dreamed nor thought of. He got your dreams in His hand, you just got to live them out, and show up even in the tough times.

2. The pressure of art

I believe we all are creative. Our words create worlds. Our ideas raise up nations. Our love builds up children. The process of new life is exciting and draining. Fighting as a little stubborn child against the seasons makes life only harder. Embrace the hard moments. The most gorgeous ideas and art are made from those places. Embrace the place of tension, cause it is showing you new ways and showing breakthrough is about to happen and new life is on its way.

3. The pressure of people

People can pressure their opinions and ways upon you very uncomfortable. Their pressure will show you what you truly believe in and the things you truly believe in. In the moment you might feel like the biggest failure and start to doubt every decision you have made and maybe you ‘indeed’ should go and take the road everyone is taking. But is that staying true to your heart or just trying to please someone else. Stay kind when people misunderstand. That hurt is fuel for your journey.

4. The pressure of my thought life

Ugh, my thoughts are driving me nuts from time to time. Doubting, holding back, overthinking. Fill your thoughts with life! Fill your thoughts with the things you are thankful of. In your simple day to days, in your accomplishments in life, in the things you adore, and about yourself. Thankfulness is worship. Gather your thought on life and when you have this awful feeling, go to God and maybe a friend. Don’t neglect the negative vibes and feelings, they aren’t there to stay. They often feel so familiar that we don’t urge them with some truth and powerful fire. But doing so makes a big difference.

5. The pressure of atmospheres

The places that you visit might totally take over your emotions and make you feel drained, stressed out, super sad or insecure. That pressure in that moment might completely feel like you. But there is a big chance you feel the spirit operating in a certain atmosphere. I feel super insecure when I visit this one certain store, which probs is a spirit of the owner. Visiting hotel rooms has been a complete disaster for a time cause I felt so many misplaced emotions and one time had to cry so uncontrollably for no reason. Thank God for God. All we have to do is be aware that it is not us, and cleanse the atmosphere in Jesus name. And speak life and love over the atmosphere and bless the owner or the previous visitor. Bye anxiety in public places.

6. The pressure of my body

Stress is sooo bad on our bods. The stress of too little sleep. In our sleep, our body heals itself and our brains. The stress of the junk we feed it or put on ourselves. The stress of go go going draining our bodies. Stress is deadly to our bodies. Nourishing my body with healthy foods, movements and natural products are game-changers, as well as rest, rest and good night sleeps.

7. ‎the pressure of rest

Why is it often so hard to give ourselves a break? Even without the working towards very important deadlines. We need to ought ourselves worthy enough to take a break. To realise the person who we are is more important than all the amazing things we are doing. And that gorgeous being needs rest sometimes. Rest is obedience. Obedience to align with God. To listen to His voice in rest. God rested the seventh day. We live from rest. And mister devil will do everything to keep you busy, stressed out and away from your rest. Rest is surrender to God. Rest is worship. Rest is healing. Your soul and your body. New life will flow from the place of rest.

Don’t try to ignore, or stubbornly fight against the pressures in life. Check in with God, what’s up with this pressure? Is this something I need to surrender to you, God? Is this something I need to change my lifestyle in? Do I simply need to take a break? Am I doing things I shouldn’t be doing? Am I taking too much on than God actually wants me to take on? Is this me or the atmosphere I am currently in? How do you, God, want me to release life? All it takes, is relationship with Him. 🧡



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