Celebrity Crushes + The Bible

I don’t know about you but before I got married I would stalk my crush on Instagram to death. I knew all about his family, how many dogs he has, his fav band, what he likes to eat, etc. I think I knew him better than he even knew himself😆.

Just three nights ago, as I was preparing a sermon, the Lord told me, “what if everybody would just set aside a little of their time and stalk me like they would to someone they’re crushing on..” and I replied without thinking, “But you don’t have an Instagram account..”. And the Lord in His very gentle way told me, “I do. It’s called the Bible”.

I don’t know about you friend but that hit me. If we can stalk a celebrity crush or someone we like and find out everything about them.. how about we do that to the lover of our Soul? How about we set aside few minutes of our everyday and just read His word and discover stuff about Him that we never knew about? 

He longs to reveal Himself to us. The Bible says in Matthew‬ ‭6:21‬ ‭(TPT)”For your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure.”
‭Let’s make Him the ultimate treasure! He is worthy! And the best Lover you can imagine, so faithful and true. He knows your Love languages and He will love you exactly the way you want!

So lets be intentional to pursue the Lover of our Souls. If we look for Him wholeheartedly, we will find Him:)
‭‭(Jeremiah‬ ‭29:13‬). 

by Asano Zinyu


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