xoxo, gossip girl

A while back I watched this tv program in which the reporter asked people on the streets if they ever gossiped, and every single one of them answered no. Even some real deal gossipers in my surroundings stated out of the blue they never gossiped. Which left me wondering about the meaning of gossiping. I know I gossip. Not with people or my friends. But with my uttermost inner inner circle. And I used to do it under the name of asking for guidance, while all I actually was doing was utter my big frustration about people and try to get some understanding to make me feel better. It never did. All I am doing is negatively influencing my people. So what’s up, with the gossip, gossip girl.

Some scientists spoke life and death over water and they caught a difference between the two. How even more striking that will be for human beings. So with gossip, you might not be near them but you are speaking death over these peeps. Caught on by other peeps with negative feelings over that person. You are bringing negativity into the atmosphere which I think demons are more than delighted to catch that open door and bring more negativity. Over them and you. And the peeps you gossiped to. Three parties crashed at one. Good job.

For me anything negative you say about a person is gossip. Anything. Period. See you might need guidance in some situations. But with anything negative, talk to that person face to face instead of talking behind their backs. Guidance is not just to talk about your frustrations without a plan of action and input attached. Talk with dignity about the situation. See we are not fighting flesh and blood but powers and authorities in the spirit realm.

The other day I read something on the drama triangle. That points out that mostly not intended we view peeps and ourselves in a; ‘you are okay, I am not okay.’ ‘You are not okay, I am okay.‘ You are not okay, I am not okay.’ or the way we should ‘I am okay, and you are okay’ kind of way. That’s the real thing. We as person are okay, God created us FINE, so fine. Our actions on the other hand from time to time need a hand. But shifting the perspective to the people in front of you as being okay, shifts our perspective to a grown-up instead of a high school girl (no offense to you high school girls). We don’t need to thrash people, cause they are okay, perfectly made. We get the deal to confront them in love and make them a better person by uttering our concerns in love. And creating an atmosphere of championing instead.

So personally I hate confrontations. There is nothing more that makes my skin crawl than confrontations. BUT.. we are getting so used to being in either a culture of tolerance or a culture of gossip. How about being a culture of love and a culture of celebration. Celebrating peeps in love and sharpening their iron to being a better person. I do feel a lot of peeps get away with a lot of shit, cause they never get confronted and spoken life over them. Yet I also feel a lot of people’s first reaction to confrontation is anger. I am not sure why we are so scared of anger, I know I am. I mean I don’t want you to get beat up by a stranger in the streets cause they are too chicken to confront their shit but love to pound you in the head. But in other settings maybe we should be okay with a little anger to make people think when the anger ceases. I don’t want to fuel peeps misbehaviour. But I love to go in and try to confront people out of love so they can actually do something about it. But oh man, I have a long way to go, a looong way.

I got so fed up with death. In so many stupid actions and made up stories. In a weird moment, death was standing in front of me and I wasn’t scared I was furious, I was beyond mad. At death. Ruining people. Ruining lives. Furious. Arising a power of no longer wanting to let me in with actions of death or talks of death. And that is a long road, my friend. Cause how much easier is it to just pound the worst words over people than anthem a song of love over them and blessing them. Cause honestly that is really what they need. They are not buckled in those weird situations for no reason. And honestly, that is what you need. Cause that frustration needs some truth. And some action to love.

Honestly, we all need to be confronted by truth instead of gossiped over behind our backs. So let’s start with protecting each other’s hearts. Acting out love when someone confronts us. Speak life over people that utterly frustrate us. And from time to time go in and confront people cause you know they are better than this. Or like a great leader keep asking loving questions and together figure out the why’s and solutions.


xoxo championing girl.

You are okay, I am okay. Let’s love.

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