Winter Morning Routine

I am a big lover of morning routines, but I’ll be honest with ya friends I have not been on point recently. It’s winter right now, and all I want to do is to sleep a little longer… and stay in my nice warm bed.
The last few weeks I’ve struggled with the guilt of not being able to get up earlier and having structure in the morning, and I realised I needed to sit down and write down a new routine to motivate me – because I’ll admit, a cheeky routine excites me! And because it’s so cold at the moment – I need to switch things up a little bit to spring me out of bed. And there will be days where we fail, but that’s okay x

Don’t hit snooze.

Align with heavens smile and say a little prayer
Get up. Wash your face + brush your teeth.

Make some coffee.

Make some yummy breakfast.


Come into the day with silence and gratitude.

Stretch your body.

Wake up.

Focus on today.

Invite God’s presence into this new day.

Cover the day in prayer
Imagine it to go well.

Have great faith.

Choose your kickass outfit.

Do your hair + make up.

Listen to the bible app whilst you get ready.
Take these sweet moments to feed on God’s word.

Prepare your lunch.
Give thanks. Choose joy.

Get your phone out.
Take off ‘do not disturb mode’
Check your messages.

Start your day 🙂

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