Victorious Reality

We are dreamers. The ones with our heads in the clouds. It is our strong suit and our weakness. If we are not able to give it a place, we can’t be our true selves. Our dreams are closer to reality than reality itself. Our dreams are the place of things that will exist where reality has no idea of yet.

In the academic world there is not much space for dreamers. I remember sitting in classrooms looking out of endless windows covered in my thoughts. My grades were high enough so the teachers didn’t bother. But there was no place for my dreams to uncover. There were only facts and logic. But for me I couldn’t put the logic in the deeper meaning of it all.

Even in art school one of my teachers told me I couldn’t pass for his class cause I was too much of a dreamer, and he knew he couldn’t change me. I wouldn’t be able to ever give good presentations or speeches. I wasn’t a born speaker according to him. No matter how famous this person was right in front of me, I knew he was not speaking truth. I knew that if I or anyone would speak in front of thousands of people from the bottom of our hearts anyone would be perfectly able to, and they would be perfectly able to grasp our message. Being a dreamer would only benefit actually, cause it would bring us to the table. Everyone that speaks from his heart, people will listen to.

Even when I had driving lessons my teacher told me to stop being such a dreamer and be in the here and now. But that is the thing. I can’t stop. I can’t dewire myself and mold myself into a new humanbeing. Cause God made me in this eccentric way for a reason. And that does make the day to day simple things harder for me. I am not going to lie. I myself need to find a path that fits, cause the path that works for other people doesn’t work for me. Cause my view of the world is fairly different. Even though I used to think everyone was wired exactly the same. But actually no one is wired the same. But the path of a dreamer he needs to carve out himself I think. Cause he is bringing dreams into reality. He is bringing something that doesn’t exist into existence. So of course this road doesn’t exist. Yet.

No matter the stigma that sticks to dreamers about living in another world that doesn’t exist and never will. It is true most of the time I live in a complete other world. But that will never stop me from bringing that world into this world. I believe a healthy dreamer is bringing Heaven on earth. Even when it costs you everything. Cause being a dreamer and the gorgeous movies you are seeing in your dreams bringing your vision, your ability to see things no one else sees into this world is hard work. You need to stick to your vision. You need to break through a lot of things. You need to build this thing up from the start. You need to conquer all the lies. All the setbacks. You need to go out there. And voice the things you see.

Your dreaming capability is adding new layers to this world. You bring vision into reality. You are bringing Heaven to earth. And yes Heaven is a bigger reality than earth. You are solving problems. You are healing. You are prophetic. And you are changing the world. One dream at a time.

So darling,

dream on…

Lots of love,


just a kid with her head in the clouds.

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