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These are a few of my favorite things.

I hope you find some treasures.



I adore books. In school I used to hate books. Yet over the years I have fallen in love with their precious revelations and gorgeous sentences. The thrift store is my absolute favorite place to find unsuspected books. And from time to time I order some precious wisdom bombs. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Living from the Unseen & Victorious Emotions by Wendy Backlund I absolutely adore these two books. They are full of new revelations and perspectives. Like I didn’t know that my emotions are indicators of what is going on in my beliefs and thoughts.
  2. Keep Your Love On & Culture of Honor by Danny Silk These two books are setting your lifestyle up for succes. A lifestyle of love. And a lifestyle of how to honour people and to treat each other.
  3. The Power that Changes the World & Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson. These two books are going to stir up your life. Your perspective won’t be the same. These two are sooo exciting. So if you want to change the world these are yours.
  4. The Virgin Monologues by Carrie Lloyd. I adore the way she writes with such a wit and glamour. And I can hear her gorgeous Brittish accent through all her words. And yes this book is about sex.




I must admit that I barely read any blogs. Don’t worry I have read every single article on this blog. I do read other blogs from time to time but this is one that really stands out. My So-Called Supernatural Life by Lindsey. This blog is written like a book in such a gorgeous way, every article is another chapter of her so-called supernatural life. Seriously go take a look.


Songs have such a way of going deeper. They just go straight to the heart. Unraveling melodies. Here are some songs I bet you never heard before. By such heartfelt artists. Ezzi & Sheree.



I adore a good podcast. Especially when I am cleaning up or doing something else. Listening to conversations with such in depth wisdom. These are my five absolute favorites.



There is nothing better than some unfiltered real talk.

  • #Relationship Goals This serie of eight youtube videos is sooo good. Going through all aspects of relationships in such a unfiltered way. About all we want to hear.
  • Detoxing Your Mind. I love the things that dr Caroline Leaf teaches on. The connection between our brain and our thought life.



Our habits are our way to succes. The daily choices we make in our life are setting our life up for freedom or are putting us down.

  • Morning Routine. I used to hate routines. For me they were just a set of rules. But hey they are not rules they are self love. I love myself enough so I am doing this for me. Quiet mornings are my moment to read. To unwind and start the day by giving myself time to gain new wisdom. Books are a love language to me. Before the day gets too busy and I don’t have time to read a book or before I get too distracted by all my thoughts I intentional make time to read in the morning.
  • Evening Routine. After all the work is done. Or let’s say when it is time to set all the work aside. It again is time to unwind. It is so easy to just slumber in front of the tv or your favorite show. And that is totally fine from time to time. But not if you wine about not having time for all those lovely things. So in the evening I make time to play piano and unravel my heart. Make up songs. So I am in tune with my deep inner me. And lovely melodies.



  • Our girl Rae. Our beautiful one has her own youtube channel on which she roughly shares every week a vid with some real talk from her precious heart about loving yourself to conversations about sex.
  • The Secret Garden Tv. I love the concept and creativity of this platform. On youtube they share from time to time a conversation between Laura and one of her many friends. On themes like anxiety. Or relationships.

What are your most favorite books? Your go to youtube channels? Uplifting instagram accounts? And if you have written a book yourself, have a stunning youtube channel and please share with us your instagram account.

Share with us your gorgeous resources that are changing your world, so it can change our world. 

Much love,



X Wild Hearts 🌹

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