10 Ways to Love Yourself | EZZI

10 ways to love yourself well

by Esther




I think loving yourself looks different for every person just simply because we are wired different, we have different ideas, expectations & desires in loving ourselves & receiving love. But here are 10 ways I find are important to love myself well. I hope they will inspire you. 🙂





1. Patience

Honestly this is the hardest one, for me at least lol. Being patience with yourself when you’re not where you want to be yet, when you’re in the proces of growth. But all we need really is some time to grow. So be patient with yourself darling, it matters.




2. Don’t compare

You are worth more than comparing your story with someone else’s. It is not worth spending your time on, seriously don’t. Comparing only brings you down and that’s not really what love looks like.




IMG-20180923-WA00063. Celebrate where you’re at

It’s easy just to have a dream or an idea for what you’re gonna do, but let’s actually take time to stand still and remember how far we’ve come. For me, this really clears my head and actually motivates what I’m going after in my next step. I know you’re gonna kill it. 🙂




4. Rest well

Besides working hard and achieving your goals you gotta give your body some chill time. Your heart as well. Take a bath, give yourself some ‘ME-TIME’. Maybe watch a movie, read a book. Whatever helps you, Do it. It will pay back. 🙂




IMG-20180923-WA00125. Treat yo-self tho

Yess queen! We don’t work hard play hard with no chillz. We are humans and need a friggin break sometimes. I don’t call it a cheat-sheet, I call it a treat-to-keep-up-the-beat. I just made this up but it is totally okay to treat yourself at times. You’re worth it. ☺️




IMG-20180923-WA00116. Take care of your body

I mean what you eat and if you’re working out does influence how you’re body will feel and that can influence how you’re doing. So yea, take care of this body, this temple is precious so treat it like one. 🌟






Knowing who you are & being that is honestly the best thing you can do for yourself & the rest of the world.




IMG-20180923-WA00108. Find a way to express your emotions/processes your are going through

For me this is in writing & songwriting and/or a nice chat with a good friend. ❤️ It will help you stay focused on where you’re at and where you’re going.




IMG-20180923-WA00089. Dont go for perfection, go after excellence! 

Perfection is a killer and we don’t want to kill ourselves now do we haha. Be nice and do your work well, but don’t forget your HUMAN. You’re welcome. 🔥❤️




IMG-20180923-WA000710. Take risk

This is my life motto kind off, I mean I love taking risk, I think we should all dare ourselves to live outside of our comfort zones, this is the place to be in to grow. Dream bigger & go out there! Kick some  … buttons haha! :)🙈




+ Last but not least: Know what you need. I know I need  a good portion of me-time, connecting with fam & adventure is also KEY.



Babes of babes: Go slay this loving yourself & take care of yourself first. You are amazingly loved, known & worth seeing dreams full-filled, but start with caring for yourself.

You’re gonna kill it!! YOU ARE AWESOME!


Don’t let anything or anyone bring you down, let it slide off your shoulder and stand strong. You got this! ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥


Hugs and good high fives,


Thanks for the reads,


EZZI, the Dutch Gal❤️




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