Festival Vibes | Open Skies

It is festival season. So set all social media aside for a moment. Just like we did at Wild Hearts. (that is why we are so quiet on instagram)  And enjoy the moment with our wild hearts bursting on the beats of life. Totally present. Meeting strangers. Catching up with people you haven’t seen for way too long. Mindblowing moments. And a stirred up heart for what is happening right now.

So last weekend I found myself totally last minute at Open Skies in the Netherlands. Rae is dancing wild somewhere on I don’t even know what event cause I lost count of all her fav festivals. And while I was on Open Skies I heard in between all the amazing worship sets Ian from the band Wilder Shores share three practical things that I just knew I needed to share with you. So here we go.




1| We need to rest in Him and be thankful
Sometimes life is just a whirlwind and all you feel is stressed out and knocked down. When I enter the place of thankfullness I meet Him face to face and rest in Him. When you enter thankfullness the atmospheres instantly changes. He is good no matter what. When life is up and when life is down. Our relationship isn’t conditional. I can be content when life throws junk at me. Cause I can be content for all the beauty that is still around me. And that He is the way out of all that is happening. Rae wrote a little while ago a marvelous post about gratitude full practical advice to enter the place of thankfullness.


2| You have to be the ultimate champion for other people
We need to champion each other. We have the power to invest in people. And who doesn’t love when people love on you and believe in you. Together we go further. And it is the perfect antidote for the worse feeling of comparison. The antidote is not looking away, it is championing people. Stay in your lane, love. You do you. And champion them when they do them. And together we blossom.


3| Now is the time
Time is now. Just run your race. Stay in your lane. And build the wall that is in front of you. Do the things that are in front of you. Sometimes and for me most of times cause I am a complete dreamer, we get so caught up in the future. But time is now. Right now is marvelous. Enjoy THIS moment. And do what you can do right now. So you can built on your vision and the future in right now. Do what God has given you to do. You will get there.

“Slow down. Enjoy the moment. And you will be amazed of how fast you go.”


We are off to David’s Tent this weekend. If you see me or Rae walking around make sure you come and say hi. Or just leave a message below so you all can meet up with each other. Strong communities is what our hearts long for.

Much love,


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