FOMO + Casual Phone Addiction

I’m going to make this super quick + super brief.

I know you would have heard people rant about phone addiction before

you know I love social media

but the inability to manage technology has really been making my heart sad recently. too much time on your phone can suck the joy out of your life. too much time on your phone is stopping you from living your life. and too much time on your phone can keep your mind focused on the lack of life. and if the thing on your mind first thing in the morning ‘I need to check my phone’ then honey this is an addiction. and trust me, I am guilty

did you know the ‘average’ person spends 4 years worth of their life ON their phone? Ugh. Heck no.

I could easily write a whole blog about the lameness of phone addiction and even the effect it has on our brains/ mental health or the reality that social media is just as addictive as drug addiction and gambling – but I’m not going to do that don’t worry sugarplums. I’m going to give a really quick list of helpful things you can apply to your life so you have control over your phone and your phone doesn’t have control over you. take whatever ones you want, even if it’s just one. I think this is a slight problem but we are powerful and we have the ability to manage things in our life really well with a little bit of self dicipline

⚡ keep your phone in your bag when you’re out
⚡ avoid fomo by not watching Insta stories
⚡ unfollow anyone who makes you feel rubbish about your life
⚡ don’t go on your phone when you wake up.
⚡ don’t go on your phone before you go to bed

⚡ set in a time every day to go on your phone, reply to messages, check media’s, etc etc, do this in one go + make it around 30 mins. also, doing this makes it feel more like a treat to relax for 30 mins + enjoy some phone time
⚡ leave your phone at home sometimes
⚡ do what you need to do + then get off

⚡ when you’re bored participate in a hobby or read a book instead of aimlessly scrolling through Insta
⚡ if you love youtube, save a binge for your day of rest once a week
⚡ try not to take so many vids for your story, I legit never upload these anymore. I don’t want to keep missing moments I’m enjoying
⚡ don’t be that person who is on their phone when someone is talking to you. this is incredibly rude 😫

⚡ in the evenings when you’re at home with friends or family, put your phone in your room

⚡ and if you slip up and spend hours on your phone, or go past the boundaries you set, don’t beat yourself up honey. try again tomorrow 

what are you feeding on?
what are you feeding on?
what are you feeding on?
what are you feeding on?
what are you feeding on?

what’s feeding your soul?


what are you consuming?

is it life giving? joy giving?

how can we process if we are consuming media every spare moment?
let. yourself. breathe
give your brain some space

time is gold



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