10 Ways to Love Yourself | Laura Hicks

Hey, I’m Laura…

I’m coming in on a slightly different angle to the
10 steps, because I’m going to ask you to write them down instead of
me suggesting a list…controversial, I know.
Anyone can read a blog
and nod in the right places, but it’s the action that brings the
My action came 6 years ago when someone asked me to write 10 things
that I loved about myself and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even do 1.
After 10 minutes with no list, he (my teacher) graciously asked myself
and those with me, to come back a week later with the list.
With 1 thing on my list a week later, the guy was slightly “off” with
me haha!

He asked a few things…do you believe in God?
Does God say good things or bad things about you?
Good things.
So if you can’t make a list then surely you’re not agreeing with God and the truth he
speaks over you? …well, no I guess not.
Then who are you agreeing with?
Ah. The other guy.
The one who lies to us and tells us we’re the lowest of the low. The one who says we’r ugly, will never amount to anything…pretty much the soundtrack that had been playing in my head over and over.
So I made the list to replace the scrappy soundtrack. And I stuck that list
on my mirror and spoke it over myself every day. I told me that I’m
funny, I’m beautiful, that being skinny isn’t a bad thing, that people
like having me around…And now after years and years of
reinforcement, I believe it more than ever I have.


It’s still a struggle, I’ve defo got insecurities and doubt myself from time to
time. But I’m going from strength to strength, I think that if Jesus
saw me as worth dying on a cross for, then I should maybe stop
focusing on my flaws and start looking at Him and how he sees me. And
practically, I show me a bit of love by (every now and then & within
budget!) buying myself some flowers just because! Don’t do this if you
don’t like flowers…find your thing.
Now over to you! Go sit in a place away from the hustle and bustle and
make your own list. Be specific. Things like “born for such a time as
this” doesn’t count with this list. That’s true, but that can be on
another list!
Stuff like… you’ve got great eyes, your nose crinkles
when you laugh and that’s cute, cute isn’t a bad thing, you make
people laugh, your vibrancy lights up any room, your quietness makes
people feel peaceful, you’re totally and utterly brill because you’re
you and not someone else. Keep it humble though yeh? I don’t brag this
list to people, it’s just a mirror moment between you and God.

Have fun! x

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