Wild Ones + Small Towns | Guide To Thrive

Dearest Wild Hearts,

It can be difficult moving to a small town when you are scared of the average and the mundane. You think things like ‘Oh no, what if my life becomes average or boring!?‘ or ‘What if I can’t find anyone to go on my wild adventures with me?’

Honey. I’ve been there!

Last year I was living in the beautiful state of California, and life was a freaking dream. Yes, there were obviously hard times – but my life was filled with travel, amazing friends, creatives, inspiration, vibrancy, miracles + on top of that God set me totally free. I felt like Rae again for the first time since a long time. I learned to dream again. I could breathe again. Oh, it was a messy and beautiful time of adventure and encounter.

Life was exciting without me even trying to make it exciting!

And then the good Lord said to me ‘Rae, it’s time to go back to England’

I felt so much peace when I felt the Holy Spirit guide me to my next chapter of life. And God called me to a little sweet town in the south of England . A little bit different to my previous season of life..


At first I was so confused.

I genuinely couldn’t process the transition. It took a little while. A lot of bad days. A lot of time with Jesus. A lot of journaling. A lot of chats with people to come to the conclusion that I needed to stop comparing this chapter of my life to my last chapter. And it was okay to allow my heart to kinda grieve that.

The difference between my last chapter and my current chapter – in California life was happening to me and it happened to be an amazing – the culture there was everything I wanted it to be. And now in England in this small town I’m living in – I need to happen to life, I need to make things happen to create the lifestyle I want – I need to be intentional with my life now. And it’s completely up to me to do that. 

You may ask, ‘if I live in a small town, does that mean I’m going to have a boring life?’


Not if you’re intentional about your life

So here we go sunflower, here is your guide to living a vibrant life as a wild one in a small town


one🌹 God first

Keep your time with God the number one dream. Seek first the kingdom and the rest will be added. Sometimes without realising we can put the need for community, thrill and feeling happy in front of spending time with the One who is the only One who can quench the the thirst of our souls. I had to go through this lesson and babe it was not fun. But I’m so glad I said yes to the process Jesus took me on..

Who are you when you don’t have thrill, pleasure, relationships?

If you’re not content, then maybe just maybe God is inviting you into His presence because he wants to work in your heart so you become content no matter the circumstance. Wild Ones desire for adventure is all about connection – get this first from God honey bee. And let everything else come second.

Know your season 

Trust Him with your desires. Learn how to be completely content in His presence. His intentions towards you are good. Let go of control. Don’t focus on the lack. In Christ you lack nothing, sweet one.

two🌹 find your spots

find your new favourite spots. your new favourite cafe’s, walks in nature, prayer spots, thinking spots, fun spots, theatre’s, fields, entertaining spots. Seek them out! Find the hidden treasure’s in your town.

three🌹 dance like crazy

whether you have someone to dance with or not, make sure you dance all of the time. dance brings so much connection to God and to yourself, and it’s a great way to shake off the dust. Whether you go out dancing with your girlfriends or alone in your house whilst you cook and clean it doesn’t make the difference. There are times when I feel like the day has been average and I come home and I get a ‘I WANNA PLAY’ burst! Now we know when we have committed jobs and busy lives we can’t just jet off to a wild dance festival especially in the middle of winter! LOL.

I used to feel empty in these moments when I couldn’t just go off and dance in the heat with blaring music (one of my happy places) until I realised I lack nothing in Jesus. Now I fully embrace that feeling of sadness if I can’t jet off whenever I please. But I will dance in those moments. I will put on some loud music and dance my face off and I’ll give it all to Jesus. Because He is with me. And I know when I’m in those moments I will appreciate them on a whole new level.

But something I noticed as I started to give my fear of mundane to Jesus, He actually started to heal my heart + and I would feel His presence so strong when I would dance.

Does this even make sense!?

four🌹 live intentionally 

So there will be limits to the adventure and whacko’s you meet in the small town you live in, and that’s just something you’re going to have to accept – and that’s okay! everyone around you is so beautiful. choose them. but make sure still see your people scattered around in different places

Plan your life well, make the effort to see people you love that live in different cities + countries. Create a travel account and put money in it every month so you can invest into this part of your life.
If you don’t have friends to visit, or people to go with – visit these places alone. Being in your own company and loving that time is a really important place to get to anyway. So its a win win!

And for those of you who have best friends dotted all over the place – go and visit them and have a fun day out! Make this a priority in your schedule + time management plan. go to gigs, see shows, experience culture, learn about new things, meet new people, eat new food. If these things are not in your life it’s only because you’re not making it happen. These experiences are everywhere.

Make sure you go on holiday, make sure you hit up festivals (if thats your jam), do all of these things – make it work according to your circumstance

So get excited and start planning!


five🌹 dwell in goodness

for ages I was comparing where I lived to California which was dumb. they are not the same. they never will be. they are so different. I was looking at the negatives. I was missing how blessed I was to live in this beautiful area. I have the beach, my favourite place in the world two minutes down the road. I have the forrest. I have best friends and family that I’ve grown up with whom I love dearly. I have a beautiful church family where I’m loved. I live in the countryside. It’s so peaceful here. I can walk everywhere (that made me crazy in America because we drove everywhere) the air is fresh, the birds are singing, you can hop on the train and go anywhere in England and I have a job that brings joy, energy and passion into my life!

And, God is moving! He’s in love with this town, he made this town.

And I’m excited to partner with God to see the kingdom come here! Going onto my next point..

six🌹 live like Jesus

Jesus had a radical life style. filled with wild adventure. and guess what? He empowers us to follow His model. We are called to share the gospel, see people set free, to see God’ power change the earth, to heal the sick + broken hearted, to see the kingdom come – this is our assignment. Be bold in your town. Evangelise, get super plugged into your local church (very very very important in fact that should have been a point), prophesy over people in your church and outside (if you know how to), grow in your supernatural gifting, follow Jesus’s example. Ask Him what He wants you to do to release the kingdom in your community because I assure you, he will answer you.

One of my favourite things is to prophesy over people, and see people encounter God’s presence. This never ever gets boring. Life with Jesus is impossible to be mundane when you have the Holy Spirit with you 🎉

If you’re experience of being a christian is boring and mundane then maybe you haven’t experienced the fullness of Jesus for yourself yet (eeeeek, sorry not sorry)

seven🌹 pray

pray about how you’re feeling about everything. give your dreams to God. Steward your dreams. Prayer is powerful. He will bring your people, He wants you to thrive. He is good. It’s okay you can trust Him x

eight🌹 connect with other wild ones like you

One of my personal dreams for this blog is that we create a community for me and you and all of us to connect, do life together, share experience, speak life over each other, and who knows maybe hit up a few festivals together and see people encounter Jesus along the way. Because lets be honest – not all christians want to go clubbing, or go to festivals, just to dance and enjoy life. But we do don’t we! Because God made us that way. And it’s possible to hit up these places and hit them up in a holy and free way without needing drugs to have fun. Jesus hit up the parties – but he always had His disciples with Him. That’s why we need each other my honeys! Social media is a great way to build a community of Jesus loving wild hearts.

nine🌹  not everyone will accept you and that’s totally fine

still wear your crazy bright clothes, and let your inner weird out. don’t worry if people don’t get your style, tattoo’s, piercings, your vibe. don’t try and hide your light just so other people will feel comfortable. okay? Carry on being authentic. Carry on speaking up, shining bright, being free and loving relentlessly. I promise people will reject you for living like that. But it’s okay. Because God happens to think you’re super great – he made you like that. but even when people don’t get what you’re about – be kind regardless. you don’t need to be bestys with everyone. God is so good that He brings the right people into your life. So be you, love. God thought you up!

Wild ones, I love you

So does God

Ride the wave

Be faithful and stay wild


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