It’s Time To Dream Again | Part 2

I’ve watched Rhonda go through this process of learning how to dream again. I’ve seen before my eyes her come out of hiding. Sun beams are coming from her face. She’s in a season of walking into her dreams manifest because she said yes to God’s love. She said yes to the unknown. She said yes to the process. This last week I’ve seen God answer the cry of her heart from the last 10 years so I asked her to write a follow up since she wrote part one of ‘It’s Time To Dream Again’ 

Maybe you’ve forgotten your dreams. What if God was inviting you to dream again?
Will you say yes?


Testimony time

Since my last blog, my life has been dramatically changed!

After applying for bible college, I then I went to a healing meeting where God healed me of crippling nerve pain that I had suffered with for over 15 years!

I couldn’t even cuddle my children at times as my whole body constantly felt bruised or on fire! This had held me back from my calling to teach and preach the Word of God.

I had given up on the dream altogether. I had forgotten what real living was like.

Every day of my life for the last 20 years has been consumed with pain.

After my miraculous healing, the following week I had my interview for bible college, 10 years after i first had the dream and call to go. And I got accepted!

I have a renewed energy, a joy unexplainable, and a hunger like never before for the Word! God has transformed my life, and that of my family. Now I am looking forward, trusting God for the finances to fund the degree and lead me on in my adventure with Him.

Never give up on your dreams, because Our Father in Heaven does not give up on them or You.

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