10 ways to feed your soul.

tending your soul. tending your spirit. tending your body.

each of these three things are totally different. what it looks like to look after these three things in our lives also looks totally different to one another. as you can tell honeybees, on this particular today I will be focusing on what it looks like to look after your soul. and meeting your soul needs is actually where all the fun in life comes out from.  creating a lifestyle where I meet the needs of all three of these things has completely changed my life. now, my principles are different, I’m happier, I’m inspired, I’m passionate, I’m rested, I’m connected to God, life is adventurous and full of joy. these are the results of tending the garden of your soul, spirit and body. choosing this way of life is the greatest way to love yourself so you can be the best YOU for the world around you.

last year there was one week in particular where I felt super down in the dumps… the last month had been very intense, a lot of processing, it was busy, and I had spent a lot of time writing essays. naturally I’m a very joyful person but on this one afternoon it dawned on me that I really did feel heavy at heart and those feelings were valid and worth taking a look at. I sat to ponder and I asked myself a question. Rae, when was the last time you had fun? *click* things have got a bit too intense around here and I haven’t prioritised fun! that’s exactly what the problem is here. too much work and too little play.  so I thought I know what, I will throw a party so I can dance the night away. dancing is one of the things that makes me feel most alive amongst other things. after my party I felt ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!! I felt zest for life, ready. I felt totally revived. I felt totally inspired. I felt free and happy.

do I dare say, that I do believe that maybe a bunch of people think they are depressed but actually they are not having enough fun in their life. and if you are reading this feeling rubbish because you don’t have enough fun in your life STOP. RIGHT. THERE. the moment is now my friend, and everything can change right now.  so now I’m going to list out 10 ways you can meet the needs of your beautiful soul and I do believe this will bring so much colour to your world.

1. hobbies

yay for hobbies. participate in your hobbies every week. sports, dance, drama, music, video games, computer games, photography, outdoor activities, gymnastics, skating, rollerblading, reading, cooking… you get the point love. whatever you love doing, make sure you invest time into that every week. this is your play time! your soul needs this time. you can put a reminder on your phone to remind you to do these things. if you don’t have any hobbies then hurrahhh! this is a fun opportunity to discover something new. if you put the time in, you can learn to do great things. personally I love dancing, making videos, tea drinking, good food, friends, adventure, and for me caring for my body and treating it well also falls in this category. beauty, baths, massages, pamper nights with friends, keeping my nails nice and the list goes on. I know I need at least 2 of these things on a daily basis. having hobbies, brings joy, passion, community, fun and fulfilment!

2. daily balance

it is super great if we can get a daily balance of resting, working and playing. so right now take a pause, grab a journal and a pen and write down all of the things you enjoy doing. just for yourself. and make time for at least one of those things every day. do you even know what you enjoy doing? now is a chance to have a think and ask yourself the question. don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself darling. pamper yourself. this will bring balance in your mood/ emotions and how you love those around you.

3. journaling

I have sooo many journals. so many that my friends sometimes have a laugh about it! but I believe journals are super important when it comes to processing, getting out emotion, tracking growth, staying motivated and encouraged. my daily time with Jesus is the number 1 priority in my life and after this time I like to take some time to journal. I have a video on youtube about this if you want to hear more. but to make it brief, write down everything that’s going on in your beautiful busy mind. you don’t need to do this every day. just when you need to. whatever works for you my sweet. journaling will keep your mind de-cluttered and focused.

4. community

after my relationship with God, the next priority in my life are my relationships. I will travel. I will make time. I will do whatever it takes to be with friends at least twice a week. we chill. we venture. we drink coffee. we eat dinner. we go for walks. we have fun. we go dancing. we do life together. and if you feel like you don’t have any friends then how exciting because there are friends to be found! do something new! find your people by putting yourself out there and doing what you love. community brings fulfilment and purpose.

5. adventure

I cannot express how important it is to go on adventures every weekend. I don’t care what anyone says I will always make trips, days out, festivals and holidays a priority in my life. If I don’t have money I will still gather friends and do something local. If money is a problem there is always camping, hikes, you know the drill. get creative. and the fun thing with festivals you can work at them and then enjoy the festival for free! adventuring will bring refreshment, zest for life and deeper friendships.

6. hang out in creation

this is something I need in my life most days. time by the beach. time walking in the woods. time looking at our beautiful world that has been given to us. breathing in the air and appreciating life and freedom. spend time outside. walk in the rain. watch the ocean. watch the sunset. this will refresh your soul after a long day. it’s also a great way to process life situations.

7. declaration

in the morning after you have woken up and embraced the beauty of the morning time, declare what is going to happen in your day! your words are powerful and your mind-set and your words change your world. faith comes by hearing and your declaration will slowly create belief systems and paradigms in your brain. this will help you to feel expectant, alive, positive and motivated!

8. positive self talk

always talk to yourself like you would talk to the person you love the most. encourage yourself. be kind to yourself. be gentle with yourself, validate yourself. especially when you have made a mistake, and when you are trying to cultivate new habits. don’t be hard on yourself. you are doing the best you can and you are worthy of love. positive self talk will keep you focused, and will cultivate self love and self acceptance.

  9. stay inspired + passionate.

this I think looks different for everyone. so get to know how you personally stay inspired. for me it’s in my time with God, inspiration will burst from inside me. also, listening to motivational talks, declaring, and cultivating enthusiasm by choosing to be excited about life despite how I am feeling. this will bring creativity, vision and energy!

10. express your creativity

expressing your creativity has so much purpose. I personally do this through my fashion, my Instagram, my videos, etc. but there are no limits to what creativity looks like and again it’s different for everyone. not only do people see your vibrant and unique personality through your gifting’s but you can also bless the world around you with the unique gifts that have been given to you. I dream of having my own magazine one day. And I enjoy so much creating a space, creating collages, collecting memories and much more. expressing your creativity shows the world around you the colour within your authenticity, it brings community together, and brings passion, wonder, and happiness.

you can set yourself reminders so you can ask yourself the questions.

are you having enough fun in your life?

are you doing what makes you feel alive?

are you positive?

do you have zest for life?

are you in community?







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