A love letter to you.

One day I was sitting in the silence

Enjoying the moment

And then suddenly,

The presence of God came upon me.

I picked up my pen

I picked up my journal

Love took over,

To write a love letter

To Gods precious daughters

Oh how I love you.

Oh how I adore you.

I’m lost in the sparkle of your eyes.

I would dance with you forever if you’d let me.

I am pursuit and I pick you.

I pick you everyday.

I wait for you to wake up.

I wait for you to lean in.

I’m so happy just to be with you.

You are my darling among the maidens.

I sing sweet love songs over you.

I have nothing bad to say about you.

Your heart is my treasure.

I want to show you the world.

I want you to create things just like I created you.

I want you forever in my care.

I will breathe on your dreams.

Because I love you.

I will never leave you.

I will always be with you.


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