Every Christian Has Flaws.

By Charlotte Beesley

When I ask people what is holding them back from being a Christian, the number one answer is usually along the lines of..

“God will run from me when he realises what I’ve done”
“God will hate me when he knows my past”

Well, here’s the tea,

★ Noah was a drunk
★ Joseph was abused
★ Abraham was too old
★ Jacob lied
★ Moses had a stutter
★ Jacob lied
★ Leah was ‘ugly’
★ David had an affair
★ Naomi was a widow
★ Jonah ran from God
★ Elijah was suicidal
★ Job blamed God
★ Peter denied Jesus
★ Gideon was afraid
★ Zaccehus was too small
★ The disciples fell asleep whilst praying
★ Lazarus was dead!

Did God reject them?
I’ll tell you what He did,
He used them for amazing things,
yes you,
can be loved by God, no matter who you are.

‘But God commends His love towards us in
that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us’
Romans 5:8

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