Why our brain needs rest

Our brain consists of three parts, our thinking brain, our reflex brain and our archiving brain. When we spin those endless thoughts in our worlds we use our thinking brain. Our thinking takes up a lot of energy. I myself am a big thinker, my mind is constantly spinning, trying to make sense of everything, dreaming up new ideas, soaking up all the words I hear around. Which at the end of the day leaves me exhausted. I had no clue our thinking brain would run out so quick and I wasn’t giving it a break ever. At one point I had all my blood tested for my low energy levels. Nothing was wrong so the doctor said I just had to deal with living with a lower energy level than other people. But my mind had wild wild ideas that I just have to pursue and I couldn’t bare the feeling of not pursueing them all.

Till I read the works of a neurologist on the brain and it hit me home. Our thinking brain needs rest so it has time to archive all our thoughts in our archiving brain and make sense of all the thoughts, linking them all together. That is why the best ideas come from a place of rest. Many of my great ideas I had while doing my make up, my brain was at ease and my archiving brain twisting all those thoughts into magic. Maybe brainstorming is meant for moments in rest instead of hard thinking as well.

Our brain needs rest all the time. Go for a walk. Sleep each night 7 a 8 hours, cause in the first part of the night your body gets healing, and in the second part your brain. So with short nights your brain keeps being exhausted and has no time archiving and linking up all your thoughts and impulses.

And the grand thing is, once all your thoughts are archived, patterns get formed into your reflex brain. So you don’t even have to think about your habits anymore. That is why forming healthy routines is so incredibily important. Our reflex brain doesn’t get tired. It’s our second nature. Without thinking it will act especially when your thinking brain is tired. Oh won’t you make the dumbest decisions when you are tired. That bad boy is all of a sudden sooo tempting. Gross food is the most delicious cause it takes no effort. But .. with healthy patterns archived and poured into a routine, without thinking you will choose what is right, cause you choose for it over and over.

So in the times we forget who we are and what we stand for, our reflex brain can still go strong if we train it the right way. Plus we get more done, cause we work from a place of rest instead of needing to use our thinking brain for the same issue over and over again. Our thinking brain only can do one thing at the same time. Sure we do more in this day and age, but we are not in the present by doing that. Which makes every simple task take forever. Plus we miss the details which our brain will fill in for itself to keep connecting the dots. Which robs us of the truth and real living.

Last night I lay in my bed and I just couldn’t fall asleep. My mind was spinning. And I realised I hadn’t given my brain a break in the day time, I had been working and working. And now when my brain had finally a break, it started to go over all my thoughts to make sense of them and well I just wanted to sleep. So if you have that problem often, go schedule in time in the day where you sit with a cup of tea and think of nothing. Take a hot bath. Go take a walk. Go work out. Just take a breath. Cause in those moments your mind will flow with your thoughts that need a place. And when you go to bed you don’t have to spin them all around anymore.

Don’t take up your phone in those mindless moments. Cause they will rob you of the archiving of your brain. Cause your brain will be overflown with new information and dopamin hits not ever giving it a break. Through the endless game of giving our attention away we are unable to connect to reality. And the missing dots will create a whole new reality for itselves.

Did you know that apps are designed to hold your attention. Apps are fighting to keep your attention on their app. With notifactions popping up, the dopamine hits from all the likes and the repetitive action from scrolling or swiping, which is a rest position cause you don’t have to move, which is very addictive. Social media can be bad for your mental health. It triggers am I liked, am I lovable and robs you of being in the moment. You switch off your life and you are in a world of words, photos and vids. But no real action. No real adventure. No real connection. A little wired like porn. Which no longer makes you see humans as real humans. People who watch porn have a worse sex life as people who don’t watch porn. And I guess for social media it is a bit of the same. People who spend lot of time on social media aren’t more social in real life and aren’t more succesfull in real life. It is time to connect with reality again. Being with people, looking them in the eye, following your dreams, pushing yourself forward, and not being scared to look at the hard stuff of life.

Do we need to ban all of social media? No, of course not. We need to find a way it is not mindlessly programmed in our brain to pick up our phone the minute we wake up, the moment we don’t work, to be on it every spare moment. When do we spend time to see the beauty in the real world, which makes us feel so lovable and loved. When do we give our thoughts a break so it will come up with million dollar ideas naturally. Key is being intentionally while the apps are set up for mindlessly scrolling and swiping.

What if the hours we spend on our phone daily spend on writing that book you always have wanted to write. For goodness sake even write it on your phone. Your natural stance is picking it up anyway, turn off all your notifications and write, write. Put those thoughts down, put the words down, that have been inside of you all along this time.

What if the time you spend on your phone you would pour into mastering your craft. What if the time you would spend on your phone you would spend on wild dates with your partner. What if you would spend the time on your phone on plotting to change the world. What if you would spend the time you spend on your phone on living the life you WANT to live.

And then yes let’s get back to Social media and inspire peeps to do the same. To live the best life we can. To truly be present and see the opportunities. Like this film I was watching, the girl is like you live here for six months now, why have I never seen you, on which he replied well you are always on your phone. What?! You could miss out on the man in front of you. You could miss out on deep relationships. Cause you block yourself off for the world around you. Don’t use your phone to get away from real living. Use it to display real living in a way it doesn’t affect being present and being available in real life.

Give your mind a break, so you can live!

Lots of love,


Originally published in our Wild Tranquility magazine, which you can read for free here.

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