Wild Hearts Magazine – Wild Tranquility 04

Sometimes there are seasons where everything seems to test your faith. Sometimes there are seasons where it feels like God has hidden himself from us. Sometimes life has become so fast that we can’t even pinpoint what has happened the last few months. There are times where we take a step back and we realise there has been absolutely no space. No space to receive, no space to pray, no space to hear from the Holy Spirit. In the busy it became our last priority to create space for the one who gave life in the first place. God is inviting His sons and daughters into a wild relationship who keep creating space for Him on top of the todo list. 🌱💫

Our fourth issue of our Wild Hearts Magazine is live! Grab a cup of tea, put on the playlist and sink in the words of all the new stories we have for you! A lot of the gorgeous photographs you see in the magazine are made by Sam Morris, make sure to check his stuff out!

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