Wild Tranquility | the State of Being Calm

The state of being calm. The wild present. And peace overflowing. The rough and the calm. Living together in perfect harmony. Flowing in the rhythm of living. Living by the seasons. I am wildly alive.

Sometimes life seems far from that. The pressure wiping you out. Being too busy to breathe. The busy that once made you feel so alive and on top of your game suddenly robbing you of your moments of joy. You eyes start to dull showing dark wrinkles around it. Hasting from one place to another. Thinking you need to run it all. While you’re the only one running. Spinning your mind. Rushing your body. And all it does is make you feel sick.

Cause in reality the stress has taken a toll on that gorgeous body of yours. The lack of sleep took from the healing of your body and brain. Which leaves you fatigued and your thoughts all over the place. Your rushing left no time to eat a proper dinner, so you gained some weight and collected toxins around your waist. How the heck are you kids so grown up when did that happen, where was I those moments? Actually where was I for real? One day I might wake up and realise I never chased down my dreams. Too busy with the current. I am not even sure what time it is of the year. 

Our next magazine Wild Tranquility is about getting back in touch with the rhythm of your life. Not the one others want you to live, not the one society laid out for you. The one you were meant to live all along. He is in the seasons. He is in the adventure. Let’s go back to His voice. Let’s follow His guiding star. And let’s see where we will find Jesus. Our Prince of Peace. 

Joy to the world. 

Lots of love,


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