The Secret Place | How do I spend time w/ God?

You are the secret place
It’s His presence that can transform everything
Be disciplined with your time
We are temples of the Holy Spirit
Don’t let anyone take away your time w/ God
There’s a war against your time in the secret place
He is waiting for you
Don’t pursue assignment, pursue alignment
What you do in the secret place gets out in your life
Jesus says Remain in Me, John 15
Jesus often withdrew
Get in the habit of the secret place
God works on our insecurities here
You won’t burn out
Whatever you believe.. will manifest

How do I start spending time w/ God?

Just start. It will become a habit
Start journaling
Meditate on scripture
Just be. Don’t do it
Dream about the things God has done in your life
Discover His nature
Spend time with God wherever you want
It’s a 24/7 reality
Where can you go that His presence is not?

Don’t look for the raindrop, just be in the rain

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