Is Christianity Boring?

“To my sweet Jesus,
I can’t believe there was ever a time 
I thought you were boring. 
Your wild heart daily challenges me to be freer, wilder.
You are my favorite adventure. 

To my dear wild ones, 
I am always surprised by you, 
And wouldn’t want it any other way.
I adore each of your crazy, wild ways. 
I am honoured to be among your tribe.”
Shannon Majure 

I used to think christianity and church were literally the most boring thing ever. I thought that if I was going to really commit to being a christian I had to kiss goodbye to having fun, being happy and having a personality. I actually got pretty used to completely separating the two worlds, my life was fun, and my faith was dry and boring. I remember when I got a bit older I would read versus like ‘Now the Lord is spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom’ and I would feel challenged. Freedom is the best feeling ever, and freedom is what I would seek to find in drugs, experience, and anything else I did. Can I really get this from God? Maybe good vibes do come from God after all? Well.. I needed to find this out for myself. Looking back now I believe this was God’s spirit within me drawing me to a new great adventure.. 

I moved a way for a little while to study theology where no one knew me, so I could spend some time really getting to know who God actually was with no distractions. New country, open mind and no expectations. 

I started to notice a theme in scripture a theme of wild adventure, joy, family, impossible situations becoming possible, festivals, celebrations, and great feasts and it dawned on me that all of these good things came from God. I learned that the idea of God being boring by nature was actually not truth. 

Through reading the word I started to actually experience a new kind of joy and freedom within my heart that totally changed my outlook to everything. I learned the fullness of JOY is actually in His presence, I learned that God created laughter, I learned the Gospel is actually good news, I learned that God sings over us with joy! Zephaniah 3:17 – these are things that bring so much peace, joy, and good vibes to our soul. I look back now and I can’t believe I was missing out on so much more than I could ever get from the world. And even every day, there’s still more that he has for us if we just believe! God is always doing new things. 

The Holy Spirit is the most powerful source on this planet, and when the Holy Spirit brings scripture to life things change. We might be walking in the wilderness sometimes but in Jesus there is limitless refreshment, abundance and rivers of life! In the spirit there are no dry seasons, John 7:38. 

In Jesus, I am alive, free and excited!
Born to create all kinds of things, to enjoy and love people and have joy in abundance!

After a few years now journeying with God, I’d say christianity is anything but boring. 

Maybe you are a christian and things feel a little dry and a bit too serious? Can I invite you to dream again? To laugh again? To dive deep in the word and discover the joy we can have in god’s presence.

His mercies are new every morning.


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