It’s A Choice | Sophie Robinson

Dear Sons & Daughters,
He chose you and me.
He gave His life, and He chose us.
He unconditionally loves us.
You think that was all just a feeling?
So many times, our world dreams up the word called love.
We make it into this romantic, happy, and good feeling to dwell in. Little do we know that this feeling doesn’t last long. Oh, how we get wrapped up in the emotion of this culture.
What happens when this feeling fades away?
Just because we base so much of what we do, what we choose, and what we pursue on how we feel.
More importantly, this shows how quickly our relationships with Christ fall apart.
Or how inconsistent we are when we follow Him.
Why do we do this?
Why do we build our love for Christ and for others on mere emotion?
Christians, I challenge you now.
This love is not something of sentiment, it is a choice.
When life is tough, when we are hurting, and when we don’t feel like loving…that is the most important time to make a choice.
Am I going to love my fellow Christians even when I don’t want to?
Am I going to love my spouse even in the midst of anger?
Am I going to love unbelievers even when it’s hard?
And above all, am I going to love my Father even in my pain, even when I don’t understand what He is doing in my life?
This love we speak of has a deeper meaning than something that we only feel.
It is to be ever so lasting.
Choose love, my friend.
Because Love is not a feeling, He’s a choice.

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