Fleeting Moments | Hann Davies

We try to avoid fleeting moments with other people – not to be on our phones at the dinner table, and remember to smile at people in the street – but we willingly welcome fleeting moments with ourselves.
When was the last time you smiled at yourself in the mirror, took a break from criticising yourself against every Instagram photo possible, congratulated your intelligence, or just admired the extravagant way you write? (and I don’t mean putting pen to paper, I mean the actual way your hand and fingers move as you write – my thumb moves with every stroke of the pen, and I find this wonderfully amusing).
When was the last time you truly said I love you, and I accept all of you, even with that scar, or with food on your tshirt, and your baby hair that just won’t stay down?
We’re happy to please other people, but when it comes to pleasing ourselves we seem to shrink back. Why, I wonder? Is it because we want to be memorable to others because thats where we find out significance?
Or is it because we’ve become conditioned to be cruel to ourselves, so the only way to receive love is through another’s lens; we have to make a good impression or they may find out what we’ve feared all along – that ‘there’s something uniquely wrong with me, and I’m alone’ (that’s a lie, by the way).
I want to challenge us not to have fleeting moments with ourselves, because we’re far too remarkable to overlook any part of the miracle that we are.
Look at yourself fully today, and speak kind words, think good things, and ask yourself what you can do to love you, right now, just as you are. And don’t wait until you’re in a ‘better place’ or until you’re ‘more whole’ to do it. Just do it (yes, I am in advertising for Nike…)
p.s. I almost didn’t post this picture of myself because I didn’t looked ‘tanned’ enough… when did being tanned ever equate to being beautiful or acceptable? P.p.s. Posting it, against my own judgement, told my head, my heart and body, ‘I really really love you.’


2 Replies to “Fleeting Moments | Hann Davies”

  1. Very encouraging and inspiring. This is something women particularly do. You’re right, we should appreciate who we are. You are beautiful just as you are 😘


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