Hearts at Home | Michelle Smith

Moving home a total of ten times over my life has shaped me into being a person who can quite literally get comfortable anywhere.
Take me to your house and I’ll make myself right at home- I’ll make you a cup of tea and I could probably take a nap if you’d let me!
In my recent change of moving to a new house, trying to figure out everything and a few surprisingly difficult situations I of course grew hungry for joy, contentment and certainty over my future.
What I really craved was the feeling of home and it felt almost impossible to embrace the change I was experiencing when it was easier to just dwell in the past. When we dwell in the past we forget to look ahead, we lack vision and eventually lose contentment.
Most of us probably associate home with family, belonging, safety, comfort, food! But being at home within your heart will make you run your race and never give up running it well. Being at home in your heart will mean you’ll find it easier to adjust to new situations and be more of an unshakable cosmopolitan.
Your heart is a home.
I’d recently started to feel this deep contentment and I began to experience a refreshing time of peace in the everyday and I wondered why as it was kind of sudden.
I was at a friend’s house a few days later and I spotted a little wooden sign pinned on the wall that read, ‘love makes a place a home.’ It didn’t register with me initially but the next day the words kept popping up into my mind and so I really started to think about it.
Love makes your heart at home.
In all the very different places I’ve lived I can say that the most enjoyable places have been where there’s love. People are so much easier to live with when I’ve chosen to love them and they’ve chosen to love me. The atmosphere in the house is light and it feels like a welcoming and warm place of refuge.
Change is out of our control but we can view it as a move towards greatness. When I committed to looking ahead I was subconsciously choosing to love myself and have hope. I’d chosen to be thankful for the fun and lessons of the past and I found vision and contentment.
Godliness with contentment is great gain. Those who put their hope in Jesus find a firm foundation and take hold of the life that is truly life.

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