New Year, New Beginnings

Blank pages. Awaiting for stories. Full of promises. Deep laughter. Bold appearances. Silent whispers. Loving hearts. Golden threads. And some lightning thunder. Earth shaken. Hard fights. Peaceful rests. While in wonder. Of the beauty of this life. More than ready. For the magic. Of this new beginning.

Happy New Year, wild ones! This year is going to be wild! Seriously! You might not be the new year’s resolution type of person. And that’s fine! Cause I know you have plenty of dreams and promises spoken over your life. And over this year. To be in your seasons. To fight your fights. And to get where you want to be.

We need to create pathways into the wild. We create pathways by changing our mind. The things we believe. The things we focus on. Those determine our pathway to success. And our actions will follow. Not the other way around. Changing our mind is the magic of new beginnings.

Here are five ways of how I am going to create a pathway to success by changing the things I believe in this year:

  1. All the feels

I am a feeler. I used to not even be able to admit that. But guess what, we are human, and we are all feelers. Some of us are really deep feelers. And some of us are not. But seriously emotions are our powerful assets. You know our emotions are our indication of what we believe. Just like our immune system tells us what’s up with our body. This year I am going to listen to those feels. And be honest to myself what I believe. And that might not always be the truth. So my job is to go through the feels. Cry when I need to. Ponder on thoughts. Realign with what is truth.

  1. Uncomfortable is my new comfortable

All the pathways we have made in our thoughts and we got comfortable with basically make our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is powerful. Except when we keep it limited as if we can’t go further in life. But we are wild hearts craving for adventure. And with God the impossible is possible. So I am going to believe in impossible things. I am going to dare myself this year. Dare myself to do new scary things. Dare myself to believe in crazy promises. I know I probably get in over my head. But I also know I have all it takes to step out in faith. My new comfort zone is the impossible.

  1. Living from the Spirit

The best go-to person to know what to believe in is Holy Spirit and the Bible. The best go-to person to go to when everything falls apart around you is Holy Spirit. The best go-to person when you feel a failure is Holy Spirit. Your spirit is totally intertwined with the Holy Spirit. So this year when I need a pep talk, or feel like a mess, or think I am doing everything just fine. And in those moments I am in over my head. I just go talk to Holy Spirit. Always giving me advice. And boosting me with some new believes. And I’ll go living from the spirit.

  1. Put that in writing

So what I am going to do is write down my believes over everything in my life. I am going to start a journal and basically just write chapters with life over my own life. What are my beliefs in my lifestyle? What are my beliefs in relationships with family and friends? What are my beliefs about the future? What are my beliefs over who I am? What are my beliefs over the things I am facing? And cut down some lies. Realign with Gods truth over my life. And when I feel in a rut. Or something bad happens. I just go back to my journal and realign with what I truly believe. And start creating pathways in the things I want to believe in.

  1. Give me faith of a mustard seed and Jesus

Jesus was wild in the Bible. He didn’t do what He saw everyone do. He did cause He believed in His Father. Honestly, I don’t want to do what Jesus did in the Bible. He paved a way. We are able to do way beyond what Jesus did. And shock the world. But dang I want to believe as Jesus did. That is bold. That is what I call wild. Oh and dangerous. That kind of faith is what keeps my heart beating. And makes me feel alive like nothing else.

Love, Therèsa

Lovely reads on this topic: “Living from the unseen” -Wendy Backlund, “Victorious Emotions”- Wendy Backlund, “Shifting Atmospheres” -Dawna de Silva

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