Hot Baths & Lavished by Love

My love for luxurious baths started two years ago when a dear friend of mine said that I should imagine soaking in the love of God whilst I had hot bubble baths.

To some people that might seem like a odd but I liked this idea. I don’t even remember the context of our conversation but it always stuck with me.

Little did my friend know, at the time internally I was dealing with a lot of shame and self hatred which caused me to feel disconnected from feeling free. I felt contained and fearful and it drove me freaking crazy. I remember during this time I felt so lonely despite being around so many people. I remember feeling such an injustice because I felt like my outgoing personality was being robbed from me. I wanted the world around me to see who I truly was but I had this force within me that would just stop me from living freely. I had absolutely no idea how to love myself. “Where do I even start” I would think to myself.

FullSizeRender (27)

I started to have bubble baths everyday and I’d relax in the presence of God as my thoughts would organize themselves. I felt so anxious throughout the day and even when I went home there would be so many people, as I was living on a uni campus at the time. I would look forward to my bath time because honestly this would be the only alone time I’d get with God.

As I look back on my journey I see how this was the place where I started to really love myself and let Gods love in my heart.
There would be times where I would cry and cry and cry as the pain from the past and the present would come out and Gods love would pour in. I would be aware of hopeless situations in my life and wonder if I would ever be on the other side. I didn’t see a way out. My prayer during this time was ‘Lord, fill the gaps in my heart, fill the gaps’ and he truly answered that prayer. as I sit here behind my computer today and I feel like my heart is whole. my bath is where I started to learn to live in love. to allow myself to rest. to allow myself to trust God and let go.

Bath time will always be a sacred time for me. 
Not only is it practically a beautiful way to rest physically but it is also a beautiful way to rest spiritually. 

It’s funny really, I wasn’t going to blog about my story today, so maybe I was supposed to write this blog for a reason. maybe this is for you.

Are you living in shame?
Are you living in hatred and punishment?

My love, I was totally in that space.
If you don’t know where to start with living in love maybe start having daily baths and say a little prayer whilst you’re in there. And just like my friend said to me, imagine you are soaking in Gods love. You deserve to be lavished by love. So now lets go onto how you can make bath time even more wonderful for yourself.

Because this is a time away from everyone else where you are lavished by love, create a bath space that you love. Make this time special. Make this time beautiful. Here’s a few idea’s for you.

1. make it look pretty for yourself. light some candles. get some little plants. sprinkle petals. burn incense. put some flowers in a vase. whatever you like.

2. bubbles and colours. you need bubbles of course. maybe keep a spare draw and start collecting coloured bath bombs. you can get these from the shop lush. You can get all kinds of crazy colours, you can even get glitter bath bombs! Sprinkle petals. bring your favourite lotions and of course facemasks. about 3 times a week I put on my clay mask from the body shop and my skin feels so good afterwards. invest in some good products. love your skin. lavish yourself with love.

3. set the atmosphere. put on a relaxing playlist. I love listening to classical music when I’m in the bath and I also like to have a glass of wine or a glass of cold water. I also bring my journal just in case I need to get any thoughts on paper.

enjoy your bath time my love.

let your worries pass away.
rest well.



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