10 Ways to Love Yourself

you are quite astounding did you know that?

you’ve been through heart break. you’ve been called names. you’ve been gossiped about. you’ve been falsely judged. you’ve fought against society’s impossible standard of what beauty should be. you’ve been mocked. maybe you’ve had rumours spread. you’ve felt alone in the world. you’ve been disliked. you’ve seen things that you didn’t deserve to see. experienced things that are painful beyond words.

think you deserve some love yet?

you are resilient, strong, powerful, remarkable, wonderful, victorious, you have walked through the fire + you are still standing here today. 

you deserve a life of love. you deserve a life of SELF love.

i believe cultivating self love is like following a star. without killing the vibe… you never actually arrive there.

you could have been on this journey for years and you will still have bad days sometimes + baby girl that’s fine. i have days sometimes where i mindlessly beat myself up. when i realise what i’m doing i stop and say “rae. i am proud of you. relax. you are doing a great job” sometimes after doing that my mood shifts and sometimes it doesn’t. embrace the imperfection of this crazy beautiful life it doesn’t need to be perfect. 

these are 10 things that i live out and practise and it would bring me such joy to give you these tools. when we choose well in the moment on a daily basis we create new mind sets. don’t feel like you’re behind. it’s all about journey. so lets go..

IMG_91351. daily rest

daily rest for me is high priority. take at least an hour a day with yourself. drink tea. lie down. walk. journal. relax. have a bath. how ever you relax make sure you have this time with yourself. i start my day every morning in silence. this brings balance to my life and clarity. i fight for this time every single day. i need it. and so do you. xo


IMG_84412. daily play 

play time is absolutely necessary for a full abundant life. make time for friends. make time for fun. make time for laughter. go on road trips. weekends away. go to the cinema. play pranks. do sports. create. have adventures. make memories. watch comedy’s. laughter and friends is medicine. it keeps you healthy.


IMG_90513. daily work

what life are you creating for yourself? whatever you focus on now will be determining your future. don’t focus on your dreams or your goals. focus on what you are doing now to steward those things. what are you doing daily to create the life you want for the future? this brings passion and joy! your dreams matter darling. the world wants them. so work hard! believe in yourself!



4. shine bright

this is my biggest journey. the choice in the moments to shine bright. speak up. create loudly. to put myself out there. i find this so vulnerable. but we have to be ourselves in this world. why would we waste another second on living our life living hidden away? we must not let fear take our life away! choose to shine sweet one. choose to be true to yourself. love yourself enough to live authentically.



5. know your needs + get them met.

for me i know that time with god, nature, rest, fun and the list goes on is something i need therefore i will listen to my body/ soul/ spirit when it communicates to me what it needs. for you it will be different. sometimes we think it’s a bad thing to take a break in the middle of so much to do but i believe we are more productive when we look after our needs than just getting everything done. great way to love yourself + keep your soul healthy!



6. work on self perception

how you see yourself is how you will think everyone else sees you. and if you have a negative view on yourself this will hold you back from real connection in relationship. a great way to work on your beliefs about yourself is positive self talk and declaration. i like to speak words of life to myself whilst looking in the mirror. your beliefs create your vibes.



7. say no

now i can finally say i have no problem saying no to people. if i don’t want to do something i will not do it. i’m done with people pleasing. i used to be an absolute sucker for it. love yourself enough to say no. say no to compromise. say no to peer pressure. if you don’t wanna go to that party, say no. if you don’t have time to do that extra shift, say no. at first saying no is vulnerable but after some practise it will start to feel empowering!




8. indulge

meal times, coffee breaks, dessert, anytime you eat and drink is not a time to be rushed. stop. sit down and experience the bounty of your food. experience the taste. god gave us taste buds for what reason? for the pleasure of experiencing taste! eat slowly. don’t rush. go out for dessert with your friends. try new things. treat yourself darling. we are so blessed to experience food and drink every single day. enjoy the blessing of it.



9. kindness

speak to yourself gently. when you fail my love don’t be filled with shame. talk to yourself like you would the person you love most in this world. never be harsh to yourself. celebrate your progress. make time to even reflect on your progress. speak to yourself in a loving and encouraging way. be a best friend to yourself. cut yourself some slack. this will bring so much blossom into your life. it also creates a standard. because you will not deal with anything less in your relationships in your life and you wont be afraid to say so.




10. accept your broken parts

 it’s time we bin the idea of perfection. if we embrace the thought that we don’t have it all together sometimes, we have different insecurities, and fears that most of us try to hide we wont be hiding. and we will feel so much more free. when we accept that we deal with these things, and speak about it openly – shame has to leave. so embrace reality darling. you don’t need to fight anymore.





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  1. Yes! Rae, you have such brilliant practical tips on this topic! Thank you for being an example & working out what it looks like to love yourself! This is a MUST READ!❤🌱🌻

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