The Heart, The Why, The Seven Series.

Welcome to this exciting new series! I am so glad you are here right now. Do you have a cup of tea or coffee? Go and grab one if not! And get cosy as I chat to you about the reason Wild Hearts is doing a series on The Seven Deadly Sins vs The Seven Heavenly Virtues.

For years I have wanted to creative something using the concept of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, I’m not sure why but artistically I was just really drawn to the idea but it never came together. Before we went into a new year, I was driving in the car with my husband Fitz and I suddenly had a download of a creative project which I would like to call ‘a Holy Spirit download’. I saw in my mind: ‘The Seven Deadly Sins, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Seven Blogs, Seven Creative Weeks, Collaborations, and inspiring people in the church to have more conversations about the things that can hold us back in life that sometimes we don’t talk about.

I quickly got my phone out of my bag and wrote ‘my Holy Spirit download’ down in my notes on my phone and started to plan a new creative project for Wild Hearts.

Believe it or not, but I feel uncomfortable about sharing some things I’ve had on my heart when it comes to church culture yet here I am! My convictions are yet again taking me out of my comfort zone – so here we go! Let me tell you a bit about the thing I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while now.

Why is it that talking about sexual immortality, being gay or
getting drunk always the goto when the topic of sin gets brought up in church?

Honestly, I’m genuinely curious? How has this happened?

I find it so interesting that when the word ‘sin’ comes up people usually go to the topics: sex outside of marriage + getting drunk. Apparently whether you are a Christian or not 💭

My friends would say.. “so are you not allowed to have sex then?” or “you are drinking a beer, but you are a christian, you’re not allowed!” 
(Btw it’s fine they said this, I just found it interesting) 

Meanwhile, in some churches I felt like these topics were the only things that would come up in sermons when sin came into the preach. And don’t even get me started on the damage ‘purity culture’ has had in people’s lives. There is a double standard happening here and as church we need to become aware of this.

But what about being stingy? 
What about gossip? 
What about arrogance? 
What about harsh judgement and wrath?
What about unforgiveness? 
What about greed? 
What about being lazy?
What about jealousy? 

It’s important to say before we start this series, this is not about sin management. Lets be clear, Jesus is our righteousness, and He is the only one that can actually free our hearts from the things that weigh it down (Isaiah 61). Sin ain’t got nothing on us now (Romans 6:6-11). I am just here to broaden this conversation when it comes to the junk in our lives that can come in and destroy our relationships. This isnt about pointing at each other, I”m the first one to say every topic has been something I’ve struggled with – and I want more freedom in all of these areas. Do you as well? Well join us for the ride!

As Christians we have a responsibility to allow the Holy Spirit to change our hearts, to LOVE people, and to renew our OWN minds. (John 15 + Romans 12:2) 🤍🧠✨

The bible has THE BEST ADVICE FOR LIFE 🕊 and this series is for the sake of more freedom in our hearts. We are going to delve into SEVEN adventures in the bible over the course of 2021 as we look at some different topics together: 
Pride vs Humility 💜
Envy vs Kindness 💚
Wrath vs Forgiveness 🤍
Gluttony vs Wisdom 💙
Laziness vs Excellence 💗
Lust vs Love ❤️
Greed vs Generosity 💛

With each article release the week before amazing creatives from all over the world will be sharing their heart about these things on this gram page through creativity. It’s amazing to have different perspectives, empowering different voices and let God speak to us through the Church here on Wild Hearts.

Caring for our souls and guarding ‘the garden’ of our hearts (Proverbs 4) is really important. Some may say, “But ‘loving yourself’ this way doesn’t matter.. we just need to die to self and spread the gospel!“. Well, not quite. I believe God cares passionately about our well-being (Psalm 23 and Matthew 11:28), and it’s so important as we are called to serve Him in many different ways, to care for the people we already have in the Church and for others yet to come.. learning to receive God’s love and care for our hearts will help us do the same for other hearts too. 

Self Righteous Pride – Living Like The The Elder Brother

When I first became a Christian, I felt self-conscious in church as I knew some things in my life were a work in progress and I did’nt want to be judged for that.. I knew that I knew that I knew I had encountered Jesus and God was changing my heart, but it was a process to come out of taking drugs and escapism through binge drinking. Over and over again, God’s kindness led me to back to Himself. However, I was in a process, and little by little God was patiently and gently changing my heart, and of course still is. But especially during that time it would have been easy for people to see my mistakes because it was kinda out there for everyone to see, and it wasn’t something I could hide.. 

But the thing is, whether we believe it or not – we all have something we are working out with the Lord, even if people can’t see what it is. And there is so much grace to work these things out. We don’t need to wear masks as Christians! Jesus isn’t surprised by our mess; we can be honest with Him and honest with each other. 

We must be careful not to have pride in being the ‘good’ Christian which can cause the attitude to look down on others with self righteousness thinking “those sinners, but look how holy I am”.. No! That is foolish pride. That’s ‘pharisee thinking’, and this behaviour has pushed THOUSANDS of God’s kids out of the church. If we put our faith in how ‘righteous’ we are, we can become bitter like the elder brother in the story of the prodigal son. When his younger brother who had wasted his life and done nothing for his Father’s favour except ask forgiveness, get’s everything that the elder brother had (Luke 15:11-32) Give it a read sometime! 

It’s Jesus who makes us Holy and Righteous, not our good works. The elder Brother stood outside the window looking into the greatest party, but his bitter heart held him back from joy and celebration. He tells his dad how ‘good’ he’s been compared to his brother but feels hard done by. The poor guy had pride and unforgiveness in his heart, which blocked God’s joy coming into his life.

So what about the sin that is hidden inside?

What if pride is really hurting our hearts?

What if there was more freedom that God wanted us to have?

Now I’m not saying these things are simple.. but I am suggesting we need to check ourselves in God’s graceI know I’ve been challenged by these articles! But in a really good way .This might be challenging for you as well, but it will also be life giving.  

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