Wild like Jesus | 5 ways how to be badass

Hi wild one,

Don’t you hate restrictions? Don’t you hate limitations? Don’t you hate when someone tells you what to do? Making you long for the wild? Making you burst for real living? Making you challenge the rules? Making you utter, you watch me?!

Yeah, same. Jesus thought so too. I mean read the Bible. My wild has nothing on Jesus wild. So one day, he did the wildest thing I have ever seen someone do in the history of the universe. Well, the creating of the universe was a pretty wild thing too. But He…

He went to hell. Yeah, all your pop songs are cute about partying in hell. But he went to the real deal of hell. All of hell combined. Every torturing sickness. Every death scream. Every brutal murder. Every sexual assault you can think off. He took all of it. ALL OF IT. And He screamed. Death I am done with you. IT IS FINISHED. And He brought us FULL living.

Well if that isn’t badass I don’t know what is. He did that so we can LIVE. So we can be wild like never before. So we can be badass like never before. But most of all.. so we can be with God like never before. That is living now.


1] that resurrection power is inside of YOU
That same breath in Jesus is inside of us. Because Jesus defeated death, in His name we can defeat death on earth. We can command sickness to leave in the name of Jesus. We can command tormenting spirits to leave in the name of Jesus. So be badass like Jesus, and every time you see death, you see stinky things, command it to leave in the name of Jesus. Death has no power here.

2] you have purpose
So sin means missing the point, not being in your purpose. But he took all sin, so now you can stand in your purpose. You get to do things that are beyond your willlldest dream. Your biggest purpose to be here is simply being loved by God’s extravagant love every second of the day. God dreamed some wild things over your life to live out. I mean go ask Him about it and He’ll show you and guide you through the badass.

3] stop playing small doll
That day a whole new world opened to us. The Heavens opened up to us. Gods heart opened up to us. We have access to Gods heart now. We have access to Gods perspective now. Stop whining. Stop playing small. Go hang out with God like Jesus does. That is living you aaaalll. There is a whooooole world out there. You haven’t seen anything yet.

4] face your fears head-on
Don’t run away from the fire, the only way through is throuuuugh. Jesus sweated blood, yet He ran fiercely into hell. And stepped out VICTORIOUS. You don’t hide away from your pain, from the struggles, from the battle, you run straight ahead and fight. You live life in all it’s glory. He got you, babe.

5] sleep through the storm
Remember that time Jesus slept through the storm? Yeah there is peace in the storm. Find your peace in the storm. Find Jesus in the storm. He is the prince of peace. And I mean there is no time you need your rest more than in the storms of life. Guard your rest.

Lots of love,


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