What if I dared to be beautiful? | Her Beauty Chronicles

What if I dared to be beautiful? What if I dared to stand in my full potential? What if I dared to bring all of me to the table? What if I dared to get into the tension of life and make the uttermost magic I am capable of? What if I dared just that, and fight all the lies rising up in my mind, all the utter hurtful opinions people point at me, all the failures that try to prove me I am wrong? What if I stopped playing small and leave all my old clothes behind? What if I would never slip them around my skin again, and dared to be beautiful in my precious extravagant coat of this new season? What if I dared to not hide any part of me and uncover all the dirty layers and let myself shine? What if I dared to let all the beauty arise to the surface? 

Stop wearing your old clothes love. Let the dull behind. Let the wrong fits behind. Let the not quite it pieces go. Let the oh so comfortable sluggish but don’t make me feel confident pieces go. Let the pieces that don’t make you feel beautiful behind. Let the pieces that toxicate your skin behind. Let the pieces go you never wear. Let the pieces go that don’t make you shine. Let’s make room for the bombass pieces that make you feel like YOU. That make your eyes shine. That show the gorgeousness of that beautiful body of yours. The ones that make you confident. The ones that hug your body in a slow kiss. The ones that show that you love yourself and all the ones around you. Let’s get our kickass clothes for this season out so we can kick life in the same way to our full potential.

So for real make time in your schedule, pile all the clothes from all over your house together, and let’s say farewell to the unwanted. Marie Kondo your way through your pieces. One section at a time. Gather all your t-shirts. And get rid of the non-sparkles. Gather all your jeans. Get rid of the unflattering. Legit it is not your bodies fault when something looks weird. The pants are simply not your fit and never ever were meant to be in your wardrobe in the first place. You are flipping gorgeous mkay. Some peeps legit need to stop trying to change their body, and seriously need to change around their wardrobe. Never ever throw anything away. Please donate or sell clothes on something like poshmark to get an extra buck this month. 

The times are over when you pull open your overstuffed closet and have nothing to wear. Just like we have stuffed our life to the limit, but have no time to chase down our dreams. All we see are the things that don’t spark our life, while for sure we have golden pieces hanging in our wardrobe that transform us into the stunning woman we are. So dig out those beautiful pieces, and dare yourself to wear the most gorgeous ones. Think of the person you are working toward becoming, how is she dressed? Right, bombass. So go wear that thing. No more time for boring clothes. No more time for playing small. It is time to step up girl, cause you are a flipping a superstar. This year is going to be 2020, the 40 years in the desert are over. It is time to take over the promised land. One city at a time. No more desert clothes love, get ya royal warrior clothes on! 

Lots of love,

Originally published on Sèsa, a fashion blog writing about her beauty chronicles in the search of what it means to be beautiful and how to dress so YOU.

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