A New Fashion Trend | Spoken Word

A poem inspired by Colosians 3:17

I’ve been awake all my life, but now I feel alive.
Lost and found, night to day.
A different kind of prize..

Something was missing all my life but now I am complete.
Traveling first class, upgraded
Taken up next to Jesus’s seat.

What have I been doing Lord?
Convicted from my sin.
A desire to walk in holiness,
This could only be God I’m convinced.

To walk with you is now number one dream,
You’ve shown me who I am.
Black and white to colour,
I finally understand.

I’m setting a new fashion trend, and living inside out.
I’m chucking out these old clothes.
A brand new style, no doubts

Clothes of Compassion.

Moved by the Father’s Love,
Look in their eyes,
Pouring out life,
Speaking truth with love.

Dresses of Kindness.

One look of your smile Lord and I’m brought to repentance.
We have all fallen short,
Time to meet people where they are.
Showing them love and acceptance.

Headbands of Humility.

My opinion doesn’t matter much, and neither does yours.
But He’s given us a voice, use it boldy,
And bring glory to the Lord.

Perfumes of Gentleness.

In a painful broken world,
So many people on guard and alone,
But gentle ways transform us.
Even hearts that are made of stone.

Finest Jewelry of Forgiveness.

So many battles, we all have a story.
Give Father your pain, maybe again and again,
Let the grace you received give you strength to forgive.
Do this and you will be free to live.

Lipsticks of Love.
The most powerful source on all the earth.
The core of who God is.
I choose to love, the one in front.
As Christ loves His church.

Handbags of Peace.
Living from rest,
At one with God, aligning my thoughts.
Leaning into Father’s chest.

We are loved, we are covered.
Let’s worship our king, with thankful hearts.
From winter to spring.

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