Wild Romance – the battle between lovers

When life is a perfect romantic love story. Pursued by love in every breath I take. Whispering the beauty of my name. Kissing me slowly in the wind of grace. Covering me in His embrace. 

Oh when I feel loved, I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Ready for every combat and oppression. But …

From time to time a bad boy steps into my story. The thrill of adventure in the perfume tangling around his skin. His fearless actions shutting off my overworking brain. For some time he numbs the pain. Till his adrenaline shot stopped working. And I need a higher dose. Every single day. Craving for a love. So addicted by pain. I try all the different candy. But I know it is a losing game. Once trapped in a bad romance. Should I believe all moments are the same? 

It is a battle between lovers. Trying to believe the lie I am not worthy of pursuing while I dive in deep trying to erase that same pain. It is a battle between lovers. My real lover not forcing himself upon me, seeing him on the tv screen pursuing me in endless love stories but I’ll turn him off whenever I’m done watching. Would I dare to believe it is not just a fairytale? Would I dare to believe someone will love me just the same? Would I stop and just listen?

When the staring death of my bad romances is getting me insane I can no longer take it. I am screaming loud.. There has to be more. This can’t be all there is. Pursue me like never before. I can’t do this on my own. And like a rushing wind His power overflowing. Slowly but steady pursuing me in. Wild like a river. They were right all along. The fairytales were nothing like this. The romantic movies didn’t show any of this. His wild romance is beyond my wildest dreams. I can hardly take it. I’ll never be the same. 

The pursuit of God and the seducing of the devil. It is an endless battle. But it’s already won. It’s up to you which one you chose. Over and over..

Our next magazine will be about His wild romance and the battle between lovers. Do we choose a wild romance or a bad romance? And how about sex? The pursuit of love, or empty satisfaction? 

Stay tuned loves, September 10 we will release the mag online. What is your love story? 

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