No Make-up Diaries | Lorna Holland

A few years ago I decided to spend a year not wearing any makeup, it wasn’t an impacting moment that happened to make this decision or even the fact that I thought that I was insecure without it. But it was a decision I made out of curiosity to see what impact it will make on myself as it was such a habit since aged 16 to wear makeup and felt more beautiful with it rather than without it. 

If I believe that we all hold such natural beauty and we are fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator then thought I would stand true to His word. 

It was the time when it was a trend to post a no makeup selfie on instagram which I LOVED! It was amazing to see a community of people embracing their natural wonderfulness and declare it publicly hence becoming a trend as it encouraged so many others to do so. Especially now there has been more and more publicity and people speaking out about how ‘beauty’ is promoted to sell products and fashion in a way that is un-natural, altered and unrealistic. So it was a little personal experiment just for me. 

I was actually surprised how much I relied on makeup, I found myself feeling more insecure about myself when I didn’t wear it in the first few weeks. Day to day was OK and didn’t really affect me as such however it was the times when I would go to events like a meal out or a wedding where you dress up and this left me feeling like I looked ordinary which was a shock to me at first as I didn’t think it would affect me in this way. This idea of myself that I looked ordinary or ‘plain’ made me feel shy and less myself when I would go out for example on a night out with friends.

It actually made me react different around others which was something that I didn’t expect to happen in all honesty. So it was a great experience to realise that this was hiding in me when I didn’t even realise as makeup was such a habit that I didn’t even give space to discover this! So I carried on with the no makeup and the more time past the more I just forgot about it and understood that I am not ‘ordinary’ looking but wonderfully unique.

I realised there was no reason to be shy or be reserved or less of who I am as even though I would have people that noticed I wasn’t wearing makeup, the classic was ‘are you tired?’ but actually what they notice is what they are not used to, once it was an everyday thing it was something I wouldn’t even be conscious about.

My skin actually improved and felt more fresh didn’t have to deal with spots or dry skin as much so it was a win as these were the issues I wanted to cover and they wouldn’t flare up as much! 

What I love the most now is that this was a few years ago and it’s actually changed how I see make up.

I see it as a treat and an enjoyment; especially how make up is done now rather than in the 90’s-2000’s haha! It is an expression of creativity and expression of who you are through colour and art. And I can enjoy this more without having the insecurities that were attached before. I don’t really wear makeup very much anymore and mainly for when I feel like it rather than I need to cover up, hide or ‘need’ to feel beautiful. Honestly I would encourage anyone to do this as it was so interesting to learn more about you and to have the lovely chats with people about your journey with it and perhaps their own. 

I would say to lovely people who struggle to go out without some sort of comfort blanket or mask it may feel impossible or scary and vulnerable but it was an incredible experience and extremely liberating to accept and enjoy your own beauty and uniqueness.

It lays down those stupid voices or comments that contradict who you actually are as they are NOT true. In our culture areas in our society tries to paint a picture of what beauty is but actually as individuals and as a collective we can impact and change culture to what is true rather what we are told to think as lets be real, it sells make up and products very well if we believe we need them!

You are all wonderful and enjoy the freedom of being you, there is only one of you in the whole existence of humanity past, present and the future, so that’s pretty special to share YOU, don’t you think!

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