Colour Conference |2019

Hello Sunshine.

How are you doing?

You truly are wonderful and I hope you know that!

Get cosy with a cup of tea and let’s chat.

I wanted to write a little blog for you because I really want to share some things that God planted in my spirit during Colour Conf this year. If you don’t know what Colour Conference is.. it’s a women’s ministry ran by pastor Bobbie Houston and friends from Hillsong church in Australia! It’s a time of refreshing, worship, empowering woman, creativity and so much more – any girlies from the UK, you should come next year! I already have my ticket 😉 I will post the info down below at the end.

My sister goes to colour every year as well, so I was able to stay at her’s for the weekend – which I was really excited about because I don’t get to spend much time with my sis – and I got to see her new crib which is looooovely, I love it when you walk into someones house and you can tangibly feel God’s peace! I realised I hadn’t felt this still in a little while.. mmmmm… ‘okay maaaaybe I have been doing things in my own strength a bit more than I realised’ I thought to myself as my Heavenly Father smiles over with peace in His eyes.. (this is what I felt in my spirit)

I knew it was going to be a special weekend.

We head over to Wembley stadium for the evening celebration and when I walked into the building I just knew that this was a God event and that 7000 thousand women were going to be incredibly blessed by Jesus in whatever way. There was so much Hope in the atmosphere. Worship started and God’s presence was tangible – I let out a little cry of relief. I felt the Holy Spirit say ‘daughter, let go, you’ve been carrying a lot’ and that was for sure the truth. It dawned on my that I had been doing things in my own strength and I felt really discouraged. It’s amazing how every single day with Jesus is a fresh start – we are never judged when we drift, but He always makes a way to bring us right back into his peace.

‘Do you remember… the day the lights went on… the moment you awakened and felt the weight soften and lift the mystery and questions fading as truth drew near and the new found it’s home in you?’

The whole weekend was filled with beautiful times of worship, powerful preaches, and empowering moments. I bumped into friends, cried a bit, laughed a lot, but most of all God met with me in a very personal way. He refreshed my soul in a way no one or nothing in this world can. Only Jesus can bring that kind of peace. There’s so much to say, but I want to share very briefly what God reminded me of from this weekend away and I pray that this blesses your heart and you can take it with you too. Sometimes God reminds us of things we already know, because the busy can get loud and we can forget! Us humans can be pretty fickle, that’s why we need to make sure we’r living in God. Because He is always faithful, His love is steadfast and He never changes.

So here we go:

1. It’s your job to be at peace. Don’t do things in your strength, let God be your strength in your weakness. Live from rest. Chill. Let go! This is a daily priority.

2. Make sure you rely on/need God when you’re happy as much as you do when things are bad.

3. Live on His word everyday. It’s your diet!

4. Keep sewing seeds. Seriously, everything you do really matters.

5. Remember your God encounters. Remember what He thinks of you. It never changes! Even when people hurt you, this can be the hardest time to remember how loved you are by God. Psalm 3 x

6. Always pray + worship. Always always always. So much happens when we do this.

7. You’ve arrived! What are you searching for? Practise contentment + bring heaven to earth!

8. Have grit. Keep going! Tender hearts…. but strong minds.

I wish I could drink some coffee with ya and tell you even more, but for now this will do. I’m thankful for fresh grace every day. Jesus is enough. If you can, come along next year!
Going to a conference is like going to the dentist once a year and reading the word daily and being with God is brushing your teeth. Both are good! 😉 colour website linked below.

Rae xo

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