The Importance of Sabbath Days

Why is it SO hard for us to stop?
Why do we feel this constant need to be on the go all the time?
Why do we feel so guilty when we stop?
Why do we avoid the silence?
Why do we always feel like we need to fill in the gaps?

I’m sorry but I have no answer for you sweetness, we are just imperfect little humans with all the feels but it is possible to get to a place where you start to prioritise rest guilt-free and where you start to protect that time because you recognise you need rest in order to be the best you, to love the people around you the best, and sustain your work and dreams for the long run. If God rested on the 7th day, I think that sets the tone for us as well.

My goal through this blog is to inspire you with this game-changer principle of carving out an entire day every single week just so you can rest. And before anyone asks – it’s not about rules or old testament law, it really is about abundant life. Even if you have kids you can bring this principle into your life it might just look different – but once you’ve found your sabbath groove you’ll never wanna go back honey.

So why are sabbath days so important? I was struck three years ago when I was a student at ministry school and we had to do an assignment on God’s Generals on past revivals. These amazing men and women of God who saw God do amazing things didn’t steward their bodies with wisdom and they totally burned out. Some died young, some had developed health problems due to being on the go 24/7, and some totally collapsed out due to exhaustion. This hit home personally to me because I’ve also seen loved ones in my own life burn out due to working, working, working and never ever stopping. One particular person very close to my heart became bed ridden for months, and still to this day has to carefully monitor their schedules because if they overstep the line just a little bit – they will fall back 10 steps and lose their energy for the next couple of weeks.

I made a promise to myself, I will never allow myself to get to this place.

I will will prioritise rest in my life, and I will not feel guilty about it.

When I’m rested I …

X. have clarity because I have time to process + reflect.

X. feel full of life! therefore I’m able to be a full gift to the people around me. I have more love to give, because God pours more into my heart when I actually stop + open my heart to His presence.

X. have enthusiasm for my commitments.

X. am in touch with my emotions.

X. have the capacity to pastor more people.

X. have the space to dream and plan.

X. am able to give God any stresses or things on my mind. Trust me when I say that ‘stopping’ will bring up all the things you are discouraged about because your business is the thing that keeps those things at bay! Keep short accounts with your heart emotionally – we need to get better at processing our pain with God! These things tend to manifest in nasty ways the more we avoid dealing with our pain. x

X. am filled with wonder at the blessings in my life!

X. feel healthy and energised. 

I believe that God has put dreams on your heart for a reason. You were born for this time, in this place intentionally – but honey, you gotta make sure you look after yourself so you can sustain things for the long run.
God does his part, and we do ours. He has given us a brain, and a body to steward ourselves and that is up to us! 

So I want to say to you right now, you have permission to stop and not feel guilty about it. You have permission to have a full day, or 30 mins a day, or whatever this will look like for you to take some time just for you. It might change from season to season what rest looks like for you – but take the time to make it work. You’re worth the time. This is not a lazy practise, this is a spiritual practise that is necessary for you to work your butt off and stay healthy. Grab your schedule. What could this look like for you?

Things I like to do on my Sabbath Day:

X. have a slow morning, drink tea, eat a nice breakfast
X. catch up on a Netflix series
X. spend time in nature + go for a big walk.
X. get my nails done.
X. read my book.
X. hang out with family or friends.

X get coffee in a cafe.
X. go shopping.

X. have a long bath, face mask, candles, bath bombs.
X. listen to a podcast.
X. finding new music.
X. my hobbies. (music, writing, photography, longboard)
X. journal + spend time in silence with God.
X. check in with my heart.

These are some of the things I like to do, it might be a totally different list to you. But I want to encourage you my loves, rest well. You’re not being selfish, you are being wise. Protect this time, don’t feel guilty. You have been called to so much and we want you to be fully able mind body and spirit to do these things to the best of your ability.

Psalm 23 vs 2 ‘He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.’


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