$pend Your Days

The other day I was waiting for a train and I realised on the other side of the platform were some of the boys that come to our church youth cafe on a Friday night, my heart was filled with love when I saw them and in that moment I felt Holy Spirit speak to me about their little lives.. ‘ do they know the significance of what they carry? do they know that God has put specific gifting’s in them to serve the world and make it better? do they believe in themselves? do they know how to steward their lives well? do they know how to go after their dreams?’ I felt in this moment a massive duty to tell every darling teenager that I meet all of these things.

I want to encourage every young person to pay attention to their passions and then spend every day investing into those passions. I want them to know what they are doing now really does matter. I want them to believe how amazing they truly are, that they were made to do incredible things! To be bright cities on a hill shining for God! I want to encourage them to steward their little lives well.

What if we woke up everyday with the mindset ‘how can I spend my day today?’ in the same way we are intentional with our money.

I have this day
A gift from God
A chance to build
A chance to invest into my dreams in small ways
Step by step
By working hard on my craft
And in the long run
These powerful choices
I make today
Will take me to high places


You see the powerful thing is, the world is our oyster.
I see it as God has made this incredible world with all of these opportunities, then he put a bunch of gifts in us, and then He says ‘go for it boo! run free! go for it! I’m here with you!’ .. don’t get me wrong, I believe God promotes us and opens doors no man can open but hopefully you get what I’m saying

TODAY is powerful.
How will you spend the day?
What could you learn today?
How could you get better at the things you are passionate about?
How could you grow?
Spend your days with wisdom.
God has given you your life for you to steward.
You are the manager of your life!

What are you doing to do about that sweetheart?












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