The Humble Art of Learning New Things

Our Wild Hearts are in love with new adventures. Sometimes life throws us into new ones and sometimes we hunt them down for ourselves. Moving to new cities or learning a new skill. We need diversity in our lives to breathe. To truly feel alive. Sometimes we run away from the new. Sometimes we hide in the new. And sometimes it is the only thing that keeps us sane. Pushing us forward.

A couple of months ago I needed to face it. I could no longer run away from it. No longer make up excuses. I needed to get my freaking drivers licence. And that whole new learning something from the start got me thinking about … life. It was messy. It was humbling. It was teaching me about myself. Which honestly who had thought that driving a car would be such a reflection of life. I guess in new adventures we are all over again taking the wheels of our lives. Kind of.


Here are ten things that got my attention while learning something new all the way from the start:

1| Be in the presence
Don’t be only living inside your thoughts, but also be wide awake in this world. Your thoughts don’t know anything about your new adventures yet. They might fill in that that unfamiliar place is scary and a place that should be avoided at any risk. So with new adventures embrace that you don’t know. Don’t embrace what might go wrong. But write your story. And be present in your story. Not in your frustrating thoughts of things that only will take place if you surrender to them.

2| Don’t hide in new adventures
At times when I want to dive into the biggest new adventures, I need to stop myself and be very real with myself. Is there something that I am actually running away from that I should face instead of throwing myself into something new? “We are starting off on another big adventure. That’s my mom’s word for running away.” -the perfect man. Sometimes we need to choose persistence and sometimes we need to step away. Know what is up in your life by being honest to yourself. Never run away, fight and rest.


3| Learn about yourself
Diving into new things will most definitely tell you new things about yourself. Which at times is confronting. Be open for it. Don’t get scared away from it. Don’t feel bad about yourself. Just let it sink in slowly. And again be honest to yourself.

4| You suck
Yeah, learning something from the start. Or diving into new adventures you have no idea you have thrown yourself into. You will suck. And you will make big mistakes. A lot of mistakes. This is the humbling part. You need to stick through the frustrating. And keep going. Failing time upon time until you get it right. Oh, how I hate to suck at something. Especially when you are surrounded for so long by things that are close to your skillset. But that is it. A skillset needs to be developed. And been spend a lot of hours upon. “Growth comes at the point of resistance. We learn by pushing ourselves and finding what really lies at the outer reaches of our abilities.”


5| Take time and slow down
Hours. I tell you hours. It takes hours to develop skills in your routines. Stop rushing. It will only make it worse. Better done slow and done well, than fast and horrible. Give yourself total grace. And just try again and again. Slowly. Steady. It is all about showing up. And in time you will see you get the hang of this new season, this new skill. Please you don’t have to be pro, you need to have fun.

6| Develop YOUR routine
Routines always seemed so boring to me. Without any adventure like a robot repeating things. Yet actually you are creating pathways in your brain to make things easier. It doesn’t mean you need to stick to the rules. Cause there are no rules. Routines were never meant to be made out of rules yet out of love for yourself and the season you are in. So be intentional about your lifestyle at any season in your life, in the new and in the familiar.


7| Gratitude 
Practice thankfulness for where you are at right now. The danger with learning something new is getting obsessed with mastering the skill instead of enjoying where you are at right now. The danger with the new is getting obsessed with your dreams, your career and the future. Losing the precious moments of right now. Keep vision, but enjoy the gold of right now. Be intentional of being here.

8| Follow Your Heart
Not everyone will be amused by your new adventures. When I decided to move to California from the Netherlands for a year to attend a school a few years back not everyone understood my decision. And that is fine. Know what YOU need to do. And be nice to the people that don’t understand.

9| Start Your Day Right
Get enough sleep to progress all the new things your brain needs to handle. Treat your body well. By being surrounded by the new, especially love yourself well. Spend time with yourself. Spend time with God and keep your priorities straight.

10| Plan Forward
New things will throw us into unexpected things. But don’t leave everything for last minute. Things you already can invest in, go, do. Get the pressure off. Make it easier on yourself.

Lots of love,



Wild Hearts 🌹

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