My Superhero Pants | 10 Ways of Fashion

My lovely nephew that at the time was three years old all of a sudden looked strange at my clothes and blurted out “WHAT are you wearing?!” I answered him “pants”. I was wearing my new short black and white striped pants with a somewhat sash around it. He answered back “Are you a superhero?” On which I responded, “Yes, you too?” He thought for a second and admitted a yes. We chatted a bit further. But I loved that these simple pants struck his imaginary of being a superhero. Just a simple piece of clothing showing that we are fighters. If you are fighting for something. To be an amazing mother, for your dreams, to battle a disease, or just to be you you are a fricking superhero.

If fashion could be a love language it would be one of mine. Actually, fashion is even a form of self-love to me. And of loving others of course. I know fashion is often portrayed as an empty dream that shattered all your potential of loving yourself and your body. But that is just cause it has such a power. To love yourself through fashion. To love your body through fashion. And to show YOU through fashion. All the bad things are just a promise that the other way around is even more powerful. Life is always stronger than destruction right.

So here are ten completely different pieces of what fashion means to me:


Fashion to me is:

  1. A way of expression

My clothes are expressing what is going on in my soul. Trends don’t tell what I am wearing. My personal seasons in life influence what I am wearing. In my clothes you can see what is going on in my heart and what my heart loves. You can see the way my surroundings are inspiring me. I don’t think you ever should be judging someone by its clothes but when you truly know people from the inside you see what sparks them on the outside which does tell you again a lot what is going on on the inside. Oh, I love exploring the style of my loved ones in different seasons and just getting to know them more and more.

  1. My war coat

Bring your right armouring to the right fight. Every occasion needs its own vibe of clothes. Not to fit in but to stand out. I mean I wear my party clothes when it is time to feast upon life. 12-14 So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it. So you better wear your superhero pants of love, darling. The wild Designer picked it out for YOU to wear, my beloved.


  1. A fight for justice

By the items I buy, I invest in human beings that depend on their income to live by making my garments. I hate to invest in companies that take their money before people. I fight for better rights for humans. I want them to be safe. I want them to be paid fair wages. I want them to be treated with love. We need to clothe people in justice. And most of all in love.

  1. A legacy

I adore the fashion items I got from my moms closet. Her rings I wear now. Her soft sweaters. I know my little ones will smother themself in my clothes one day. I love that. I get items from my dear loved ones’ closets and transcend their legacy into my life. Also designing peoples armour for their life not to hide but to fight the good fight and be truly alive just seems wild to me.


  1. Quality Time with God

I will let you in on a secret place of mine. Shopping for clothes (&books) in especially thrift stores is going treasure hunting with God. You got all the junk and all the extraordinary wild finds He has for me to find. Sometimes He whispers to me I need to go to a certain store. And He goes on and blesses me with a couture piece par example or the perfect chic trousers. And the most striking books. Also, I just adore talking clothes and picking outfits with the big designer upstairs. It is just so much fun.

  1. An act of self-love

Every morning I cover myself in layers of fabrics hugging my body. Wrapping myself in love. Getting dressed is a way of loving thyself. Not the act of just putting clothes on. But diligently picking out items to wear on this new adventure day. And covering myself in fabulous royal garments or just a creative day is just giving time spend on me, loving me, and showing me. Not hiding me, but sweetly showing me and what I love. And an act of love to others, to take my time to look good and totally me just to hang out with them.


  1. A burst of creativity

The different touches of fabric. The styling of pieces. The mixing of colours. The dreaming of new items. The way things flow. How just an item can become so youuu by just a few touches of your magic of styling things together. Creating new things. Just so you can flow in the rest of your doing.


  1. Loving my body

Clothes surround my body with warmth. Fabrics to breath. And styles that fit my body type. My clothes are not hiding my body they are accentuating my body. In this world of body hatred, let’s be countercultural and stop hiding it but instead crowning its beauty. Allowing yourself to be good in your body.


  1. A prophecy

My clothes prophesy the visions and dreams that flow through my heart. His promises are found in the symbolic pieces in my jewellery. His promises are found in the words on my items. Or just in the vibes surrounding my pieces. Just to remind myself and clothe myself in them.

  1. A permission to show beauty

You are beautiful and don’t you dare to hide it. Being beautiful is shining from the inside out. With a beautiful wild heart belongs a beautiful body enclothed in the richest of fashion that is sooo you. Showing your beauty is not asking men to mistreat it. Showing beauty is not feminizing you. Showing beauty is vulnerable. It is showing your heart. Inside out. Yes jealous people will tramp you. But not showing your beauty is holding back in who you are. Don’t you ever dare to do that! We need to see you. All of you.

Put your love on,

Lots of love,



Wild Hearts  🌹

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