10 Ways to Love Yourself, For Men | Gio Rosario

Loving yourself well, as a man, can be challenging. The world’s a tough place, and if we’re not careful it’s easy to become numb to our emotions. “Getting by”. … Were told to suck it up, to hold it down, to be strong, to be brave. But never to cry or to feel. A skewed reality has been imposed on us where which these are feminine characteristics, when in truth, it’s normal. It’s what what we need thrive. Here I give you 10 ways to love yourself well.


-Listen to good music

-Talk to yourself

-Go get a haircut

-Talk to a stranger

-Give hugs


-Give gifts

-Stay open to a spontaneous adventure

-Stand for something

& last, but not least, do something that scares you from time to time


These are only a few of the many ways I do me. Find your rhythm and stay true to you. Bless.

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