Pretty Faces & Pretty Hearts

“we spend our lives comparing ourselves to women who compare themselves to others”

There is one particular dip in the road I’ve visited a fair few times. The relentless cycle of comparison. There is one vibe I do not want to give off on this blog, and that is that we have arrived to the I have this totally figured out club. We never arrive, my loves. It’s a daily choice and journey. And the faces behind this blog ain’t perfect honey.

Now before I say this I want to make something crystal clear. I believe a love for fashion and style is from God. And when fashion is used in the right way it is a manifestation of your unique personality which God personally created for you to have – and I believe originality in style brings glory to God. Fashion isn’t the problem. Looking great isn’t the problem. Putting our worth into fashion and how we look is the problem. 


Loves, I have spent hours and hours of times over the years looking at other sisters around the world online and on the billboards and allowing their quirky styles and perfect bodies to take away from my own self worth (lets actually laugh at that, what a joke!) and spending money buying clothes for the wrong reasons but we all visit this place sometimes don’t we darlings? When comparison communicates we gotta peace out of that dialogue immediately, and remember that every single sister on earth have these moments. No one has this perfectly under control. My loves, perfection is a lie. No one has it all together. Even the person you look up to the most.

Do you know what happens when we get our self worth from what we look like? And why this is dangerous, my darlings? Because when we choose this, instead of being lead by the spirit, where love, peace, faithfulness, and kindness dwells, we are lead by the ego instead. And the ego ain’t pretty. Ego causes us to disconnect from our hearts and judge everyone around us by their outward appearance, the jobs they have, the things they own, the company they keep. Being lead by the ego leaves you with two feelings and two feelings only, feeling superior or inferior. Being lead by the ego stops you from making authentic connections with the wonderful people around you. Being lead by the ego will stop us from living the life God desires for us. A life of love. Making any sense?

Buying things will never fill you up. You will never have enough clothes. Enough make up. Enough plastic surgery. Enough followers. Enough compliments. It will never satisfy. We are trying to fill a void here only Jesus Himself can fill. Trust me! I’ve learned the hard way with this one babe.

We are spending too much attention on what we look like and who can blame us with the pressures society puts on us? But what if we put as much effort on making our hearts as pretty as our outward appearance? Beauty fades. But not inner beauty.

Do you want a pretty heart?

Do you want to release kindness?

Do you want to be known for loyalty? faithfulness? integrity?

Do you want to be the person that includes everyone?

How about instead of making the effort to stalk the latest hottys with a rad style on Instagram, put the phone down, grab your journal and write a list of things you could practise that week to make your heart a little prettier.

The reason why so many beautiful girls feel ugly is because beauty is an inside job. Not an outward job. Even if you are the most beautiful women in the world. Blossom from within by acts of kindness and loving people well.

And you will still look rad outwardly, but it wont define you and you will be able to celebrate and connect to the people around you.

Honey, you will feel so much better.



Written by Rae Hicks


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