Seeing Truth & Body Types.

by Michelle Smith

I recently had real revelation on how powerful truth is…

I believe Jesus is powerful and I believe his name alone is enough to cast out evil or even just shift an atmosphere but what is it like to actually fully believe the truth over how I view myself and other people?

I recently started a new job and nearly every new client before I’d even introduced myself properly would make a comment about my height or weight. Then I found that the more I listened and focused in on my body type the more other people would make comments. Now, I’m nearly 26 and I can safely say I feel like I left all that teenage insecurity stuff behind me, so it was kind of like an annoying wasp buzzing in my ear again.

Ask yourself, do you see yourself in reality?

Do you see other people in reality?

And what is your reality?

I began to pray more specifically that I would actually physically see THE truth over myself and others and that God would reveal HIS reality to me.

I literally started to see each client at work how he did and many times when I helped them wash I’d feel his presence. Or when I’d feed them I’d look into their old wrinkly faces and see Jesus and realise that everything I do is for him. That whatever my task was in my day that I was going to do it with excellence. Because how could I expect to serve Jesus with my words if I didn’t with action.

I’ve actually known people to actually get more attractive the more time they spent with Jesus, their actual faces have a natural glow about them, it actually freaks me out that we can physically see that in them! But that is the truth in their face. What I find funny is that Jesus was actually quite unattractive by worldly standards the bible says. I guarantee that he didn’t care even for one second what people thought about him. He even knew what they were thinking!
But still I had this kind of nagging old fish wife in the back of my head telling me that my body needed to look different, or look like someone else’s.

Then one night I found myself at a friend’s party, it was a mix of girls and boys and for a moment I just observed the room and felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I often just like to observe people but for some reason I decided to check out each person’s body as they just chatted and laughed with each other.
And God just interrupted me in that moment and said, ‘I’ve made you all different! HAHA!’ It was like I heard his laugh when he said it. It was like he had so much fun making us all different, it was on purpose and man, did he delight in watching his kids play some stupid games and eat pizza.

From this night on I can honestly say it’s been easier to capture negative thinking over how I see myself more than before. I gradually see myself in reality, in the truth and not the lie. To believe we are all wonderfully unique is freedom. To learn who you are is actually an insane journey of discovering. God loves to teach us and give us revelation on who we are. Romans 8 .. It says creation cries out for us to find out who we are. But it takes two to tango! It’s a partnership, choose to discover it and do it with him.

The key is prayer!



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