Quarantine Summer Bucket List ☼

Hi loves!

Alas, we have been in quarantine for around 7 weeks now and yesterday it finally hit home that summer is technically cancelled. Now if you know me you know my favourite time of year is festival season and the thought of having to wait another year to go to one makes my heart sad, not to mention my fiancé and I were supposed to have our own festival wedding at the end of summer! Now, I know there are far worse situations going in the world but I couldn’t deny how I was also feeling about things during this time. So, going back to yesterday. I allowed myself to feel the grumpy feels of frustration with a pinch of PMS before I pick myself back up today and make the best of a bad situation.

So today I woke up, the sun was shining and I decided to write a quarantine bucket list and hoping it would cheer a couple of people up I thought I’d post for you also. Feel free to join me, or make your own. ☼

Rubber Rings + Beach Tings
This summer I’m going to buy a rubber ring. Head to the beach and play in the sea. I’m going to try and find the pink flamingo that we have seen all over the internet the last two years!

Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream
I’ve never made my own ice cream from scratch before, but this summer that is going to change! I’ll let you know how it goes ; )

Festival Season.. in my lounge.
I have decided I’m going to ‘virtually’ attend Glastonbury, Coachella and Download festival this summer! I’m going to make a playlist of performances from previous years of the festivals on youtube, watch them with a nice cold ginger beer. Maybe I’ll do my make up as well and invite my house mates and get glittered up! Take some pics and have a dance! Hey! Why not even camp in your garden!? And on those evenings I will also get a take away for the occasion. Hit me up if you want to join me on these events!

Prophesy Over People
Why not take this time of social distancing to seek more of the spiritual gifts and bless people that God leads you to bless? There’s a verse in the bible that encourages us to diligently seek the gifts of the Spirit, especially prophesy! (1 Corinthians 14:1)
So many people who don’t know Jesus are so desperate for the church to step up in this area, people are going to other things for spiritual insight. Let’s make it a mission to be people who walk in the prophetic.
Spend some time with the Father, ask Him to give you prophetic insight, send people voice notes or write prophetic cards. If you don’t know how to prophesy maybe this could be the perfect opportunity for you to learn? There are tons of books that could help you, I’d like to personally recommend Kris Vallotton’s book ‘Basic Training For Prophetic Ministry

Social Distance Picnic
Gather some peeps you know for a social distance picnic and go to your local park or beach, don’t forget to bring your speaker for some music!

Read Read Read
Read some books that you’ve been wanting to read for a while.

Make a Summer Playlist
I’ve already been sorting out my Spotify playlists, why not make a summer playlist? Only add songs that you absolutely love and that put you in the summer vibe.

Fresh Flowers
When you go out for walks pick some flowers for your bed side or dining table, keep it fresh.

BBQ at home
Gather your family or housemates and have a BBQ! If you are able to have a little bonfire as well that would be nice. If you live alone still do it! Maybe plan a virtual BBQ over zoom or FaceTime with some loved ones.

So there we have it! My summer bucket list. I might add a few more, and you should make your own as well!
Send me your bucket lists, I’d love to see them


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