Wild Ones | God Loves Wild

To every kind of wild child, To the ones who break the rules, To the ones with crazy lives, To the ones who live for adventure, To every single person. No matter what you’ve down. What labels. What you stand for. Please know, you DO belong in the church. God made you. He loves you. He knows you can’t be boxed in. He knows you’ve felt like you don’t belong. He knows you hate the boxes of religion and guess what…. so did Jesus.

I know you have questions and processes – because I’m also like you. Can christians… Go clubbing Have tattoos Smoke Take drugs Get drunk If I give my life to God – life will be boring. Life with Jesus is not boring. Come be apart of the family of Wild Hearts. You were made in the image of God. You will not be judged here. You are apart of our family. Ask what you want. We and God are not phased by mess, pasts, addictions, cycles, and questions.

⚡️ Raesworld

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